Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fitness Friday..4 days late..oops

Forgive me, time is escaping me this week, wedding events are in full effect, but of course I'm never too busy to fit in a workout.

Usually I post pics from the front. But the "rear" is just as important. We tend to focus on getting nice abs, lean legs but let's not forget about that....


I try and train back at least once a week. A nice v-tapered back makes the waist look teeny! Let's not forget about that back fat...you know, the stuff that pops over your bra straps. If you want that gone, get busy on that back. Seeing yourself from the back can help pinpoint those problem areas so never be afraid to see what others are seeing when they walk behind you!

I'm trying to grow those lats of mine...so pull ups are high on the list and I'm at 8 full pull ups now..unassisted. I have a long way to go and I'll be honest, back workouts are a struggle for me and always have been. I just don't enjoy them.

This week try out the renegade plank row. Killer strength and it gets that heart pumping!

To perform a Renegade Plank Row, get into pushup position with a dumbbell in each hand (or you can do as the picture and . Feet should be spread the width of your hips. Starting with your right hand, raise the dumbbell until your elbow is higher than your body and then return it to the ground. Alternate the same movement with your left hand

  • Rhythm of love - Plain White T's
  • Dynamite (remix) - Taio Cruz
Stay fit and fab!


  1. Girl, you have a killer back already!! And I have done those Renegade plank rows... they are awesome! ...I am loving both those songs too!! We'd be great workout buddies :)

  2. WOW! You look amazing! i love these posts :-) I learn a lot!

  3. I hate the back flap! I still have it and can only do one pull up.... but also? I am lazy!

  4. you are lookin' awesome!!!

    I need to start doing something like this... maybe will help motivate me to kick it in to high gear!

  5. Nice back and lats you've got there!

    Ugh...the plank row, not one of my faves. I also do it with a tricep extension, double UGH!

  6. your back looks amazing!!! i pray mine looks like that too under my extra fluff that i am still working to loose! :-)

  7. Hey Cheryl

    Any chance you'd be willing to share what you do for a workout on a daily basis? Always good to get some inspiration from you and maybe a new workout to "borrow".

  8. You seriously are an inspiration. I too LOVE LOVE LOVE a toned and sculpted back on a female :)