Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's talk about FOOD

Our journey through San Fran's finest would have to include FOOD...

A vacation for me means my regular meal plan is on hiatus...bring on the food! Not the junk, but real good old fashion meals.

Cheesecake Factory...seared tuna and salad, with a balsamic dressing. Missing from this pic is the bread basket Tim and I inhaled prior to this meal. While I rarely eat bread, again, vacation means bread and the resulting consequences (ie: bloat, tired, crabby). If you've never tried seared tuna, go for it, serious protein and serious flavor, melt in your mouth kind of tuna...

Let's head on down to a fantastic place called The Butterfly. This contemporary gem is at Pier 33 and a perfect place to kill an hour before heading to Alcatraz. Not only did this place have breath taking views of the Bay, the service was amazing (you know the kind where you water glass is always full and you never see the waiter fill it?). I found the US portion sizes a bit big so I stuck to an appetizer...
Smoked salmon and strawberry lettuce wraps with some sort of spicy dip. Me and seafood. Heaven.
Across the Golden Gate bridge is a quaint little down called Sausalito. It reminded me of Banff, AB. Lots of tourist, not commercialized. Unique restaurants and boutiques. Windsails restaurant caught my eye as they offered this...

Eggs Florentine...I minused the hollondaise sauce and Tim ate the fries. This left me with an english muffin topped with steamed spinach and poached eggs. Oh, and about 10 cups of coffee in the smallest coffee cup ever...the waiter dude wouldn't leave me the carafe so he earned his tip running back to refill my cup every 5 minutes!
And last but not least...there was this fine establishment, a MUST when in the US...
Did I eat an In-And-Burger?

Nope, but this fine fellow did, and loved every single bite of it...

I enjoyed watching this dude play with quarters in his knuckles...and sing "spare change or buy me some food"

What would you do? Offer him money or food? Based on his sign, chances are he may use the money to buy his own "food".

So there you have it, my food tour, San Fran style!


  1. I LOVE the Cheesecake Factory :-) They have the biggest menu I've ever seen.. you can get just about anything there!

  2. I love in-n-out! What good self discipline you must have :) ...and too funny about that sign! Hey, at least he's honest!

  3. The food looks great! It's nice finding restaurants that serve "semi-healthy" food to enjoy!

    Mark would have joined Tim at In-And-Out Burger in an instant!

  4. I love your pics at dinner. I always know I'm enjoying a meal when I feel compelled to take a picture of it!

  5. mmm, that all sounds delicious! I love tuna with all my heart, it's so yummy any way I have had it.

    I am going to try one of those In and Out burgers, I wonder if there is one in Vegas. It's on my bucket list!