Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 11 months my boys

The little men are 11 months. Crazy, I know!

They continue to get busier ever day. I think I sat down once yesterday..and that was forced on me by Tim, he knows when a headache hits, I need an hour of dark, quiet, uninterrupted time. Good man.

Lukey continue to greet anyone who enters the room with the biggest, most gentle eat sand and grass like it's a delicacy...pebbles are not your thing..likely since your brother is eating them all....You're sensitive, hate loud noises, and require some alone snuggle time before naps and bed.

You say mama and my heart melts.I have one question...When are you planning on crawling? Not that I'm rushing you, you seem to want to crawl, you rock back and forth...and then give up. Take the plunge my dear, you can chase your brother around and have more fun!

Kylie Wiley...while still fiesty, you seem to have calmed down a bit now that you can crawl, pull up, stand and let go, and climb stairs....the house is fort knox because of you! You say mama, you wave bye bye and you shake your head watch me talk and I swear you are trying to mimic are gentle with Luke, even when he swats you away...keep trying Kyle, he'll come around!

Cole is having a blast with you after school each day playing "chase me" around the main floor of the house..he will sit and play blocks and entertain you boys while mommy preps dinner. Cole is my little helper and makes my life much easier.

Happy 11 months my I adore you!


  1. And how adorable they are! Love this post, a little piece of each of their personalities, nice work!

    and the pictures are fantastic!


  3. HOLY COW 11 MONTHS????
    great pictures, they are adorable...all three of them.

  4. adorable, adorable, adorable, what else can I say?