Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random thoughts in plus 23 degree weather

You heard right. It's plus 23 degrees here in the PEG. Between the sun, the fresh air and the amazing fall colors, I can barely contain my excitement.

No, we do not live in frigid cold weather year round. No we do not travel by sled and live in igloos (a man once asked me that...I will not say where he was from....let's just say faaaaaar south and must have lived under a rock himself!)

My house is a mess...unpacking for 5 people is a bit more work then I anticipated...The babes are cranky pants from 4 days of missed naps and so-so night sleeps in a hotel. Never mind the fact that I stifled Kyle from crawling for 4 days. He was a kid in a candy store this morning when he saw wide open spaces!

Cole was dragging his feet to school, bags under his eyes from 4 days of Nickelodeon fun at the MOA. Never mind the junk lunch I packed for him given we had no groceries. If the lunch mom at school does not call and ask WTH was that, I will be shocked.

On the upside...I am done work for 2 weeks until I start up again teaching another on-line course. Oh the plans I have for the next 2 weeks....none of which will get done if this weather keeps up! I will make an effort to read more blogs and comment as I miss it! Life has sped by these past few weeks and it's nice to just sloooooow right down.

So, I will enjoy my coffee here (Seattle Best from the Tassimo...love the US selection!) and enjoy the peace and quiet of babies napping......

I will get back on my fitness friday this week and post a new workout! Lots of requests for more detail on my training so maybe I'll post a weight training workout...any suggestions on bodyparts you most want to work on?


  1. Isn't this fall weather the best? We don't even need to go to Tucson next week! Glad you had a great time on your trip. Happy unpacking...isn't that the worst?!

  2. Yay for wonderful fall weather! I love your fitness Friday workouts, I have been doing the lat exercise you put up awhile ago...it's a good one!

  3. We didn't get out of the 40s the other day and I shivered the whole time. Let's have one last warm up, shall we?

  4. I gotta know. What'd you pack in his lunch???