Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I often sit and wonder

Each day we make decisions, some are consciously chosen by ourselves...others I feel result from choices we have made in our past...So often we are faced with a choice..get up early, or sleep in? Read just one more chapter or go to bed...Make dinner or order in...

Mundane, I know, but lately I find myself wondering ....

1. Brains or beauty?
2. Love or money?
3. Public or Private school?
4. Hockey or no hockey?
5. Yoga or Pilates?
6. One best friend or several "good" friends
7. One more baby?

What are you wondering about these days?


  1. Yes have one more baby!!

    What do I think about...
    1.Start exercising or watch another show?
    2.Go to church or to Jill's soccer game?
    3.Get more work to return to Africa, or be home more with my kids?
    4.Jill continue soccer next year, or audition for more musicals?
    5.Be a helpful mother to my kids while they are young, or let them do more for themselves?
    6.Spend more time out with friends or continue to find contentment in time alone in the house?
    7.have "things" or have just love in our home?
    8. have a nap, or get more housework done?

    That's only the start...I have too much in my head, that's the problem!!

  2. 1. Am I really gonna lose this weight?
    2. When should we have baby # 2?
    3. What can I do to be a better MOM?!
    4. Slave over my house everyday, or just enjoy each moment with my family ...

    This list could go on FOREVER!

  3. a couple of those are easy. I'd DEFINITELY choose brains. and I'm half-way through baking the "one more baby" so will cross the next "one more baby" in a couple years. :)

    Lately most of my "what to do?" questions are about my 9-year-old. I'm becoming a firm believer that parenting little ones is EASY compared to when they get older (except when my 3-year-old is tantruming at 2am) and you have to start deciding what they should know about life and when they should know it and AM I DOING IT RIGHT?

  4. I want to answer your #1 for you! You already have both. And #6 - I am crossing my fingers that you pick several good friends or am I liable to get cut!

    I do this too...
    1. work more and make more money or spend more time with the family
    2. Go to Grand Cayman or not for our friends' wedding
    3. Eat this or eat that, what is better?
    4. What in the name of sweet Fanny Adams do I make for supper today?

    Loved this post!

  5. I just found your blog and had to comment. :)

    I get caught in those wondering moments myself. Right now the big ones I wonder about are

    1) Do I REALLY have 3 more months of this pregnancy? - It's my 2nd and it seems to be dragging.

    2) Am I putting my energy into the right things? I have some hopes and dreams that I actively work hard towards, but sometimes its hard because there's no telling where it will go or if it will go anywhere. So is it a waste? Or no? I think that is the biggest one for me.

  6. 1) will I ever lose this weight?
    2) is it worth losing all the weight with the amount of stress it causes me?
    3) to sleep or do housework?

    And I agree, have another baby!