Monday, October 18, 2010


Is it me, or has society become a bit more rude? I know I posted last year on my pet peeve about elderly people taking the baby parking spot at Costco or the mall...that was a first glimpse into what I believe is a society of disrespectful, rude people.

I know it's harsh. You don't have to agree with me,and by all means I do not mean ALL people are rude...just many more then I can ever remember... Today's rudeness was the straw that broke the camels back for me. In the last week..this is what I would consider "rude" behaviour towards me.

1. An older lady (mid 70's I guess) at the gym accuses me of being "drunk" as she laughs with her friend that I could not find my gym card for my locker. I swore I had placed the generic card you get from the front desk into my locker and when I turned around the lady was using my locker. I kindly took the card away and noted I would move lockers...and then she snagged the card out of my hands exclaiming it was HER card. Blah Blah, hee, hee, she is drunk, or maybe she got up too early were her words about me to her friend...When she lifted her purse up, there was MY key...I looked her straight in the eyes and my motherly tone..."you were extremely rude to me, I did not deserve that from you, and at 6 in the morning the least you could have done was help me try to find my key" Still, no apology from her...she walked away mumbling "it was just a joke". I was offended..would she have treated a fellow "older" lady that way?

2. At the gym, I need 15 pound dumbells, none on the rack. Trainer next to me and her client have MANY dumbells around them...none of which are being used as they are too busy chatting and her client starts pressing 20 pounders, I ask if I could snag the 15's for a set.
"NO, she says...we are using them". Then she looks around as though another set should miraculously appear before me. So, I used 17.5's and gave her my hairy eyeball look for the next few sets...since when are we unable to share...I thought that was a 2-4 yr old behaviour issue.

3. Running errands today, a twin in each arm, a parcel to return hanging from my shoulder, I struggle to open the door to the store...I get in and 2 men are staring at me and one says "wow, you have your hands full..."I place the container on the floor and kick it up to the front desk, stand in line, make my return, you would think someone would have helped the parcel on the counter for me? Nope... get the door for me on the way out? You would think the 2 men STILL standing at the door would help out and push it open for me. NOPE. They stopped talking though to watch me struggle. If I was not sweating from lugging the boys and standing in line for 5 minutes to get $11 back I likely would have thanked them for being so helpful...the sarcastic woman in me.

So, while these 3 events are mere blips in time, and maybe I'm in a grumbly mood..but I hold doors open for people, I don't park in handicap spots or baby parking if I have help with me..I let people work into sets on the machines with me, heck, I've even paid for an elderly man's parking at the gym when he forgot his parking pass...I certainly do not take pride in someone else's discomfort.

Chivalry is defined as "pride aspiring to beauty, and formalized pride gives rise to a conception of honour, which is the pole of noble life". I'm not asking for chivalry my friends....

Nice will do, just fine...

Can't we all just get along?


  1. Amen. We could all take a lesson from those old fashioned chivalrous ways of old!

    I can't believe these three examples....ridiculous!!

  2. Totally rude people, it gets to you when it happens so often. I am always struggling with my young ones, but people are usually pretty helpful when they see us coming. More people would benefit from some random acts of kindness. karma people, karma!

  3. Way to go, girl.. I totally feel you on the rudeness of some people. Being in Hawaii and not being Hawaiian - I get a lot of rudeness from people. :-(

  4. I wholeheartedly concur that this world is, indeed, getting ruder!!!

  5. I totally agree, I can't stand rudeness and disrespect HUGE pet peeves!

  6. Those family parking spots piss off people without families to no end. I listen to them bitch and think "just wait and see". Someday that closer spot will be the difference between having food in the house or going hungry. Just wait and see oh you childless fools!

  7. It really is true, but it is more noticed by you because you are such a generous person. I too have noticed the rudeness more in the last few years, maybe it's because life with many little kids sure does welcome help every now and then, instead of stares and empty comments.