Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My pregnancy has traumatized a 6 yr old

As I maneuver myself through this thing called being mom to a grade 1'er, I am once again at a loss for words....guidance from all you seasoned moms is needed here...

I was picking up Cole from school, minding my own business when a mom came over and asked if I was Cole's mom.

Yes, I said..

"My daughter was in Cole's class last year....and she said she asked you if you had a baby in your belly and you said you had 2 babies"

Oh yes, I remember her asking me that!

"well, she has been traumatized ever the point where when she sees you she hides her face, she refused to go to any parties that you would be bringing Cole too...and I asked the teacher if anything happened last year that would have caused this..."


Pretty sure I stood there with my mouth open, wondering how to respond! I asked her to bring her daughter over to see me when she came out and she didn't...I asked her to ask her daughter again what is causing her such trauma...I also asked why she is bringing this up a year later AND our kids are not in the same class....

Confused and yet a bit saddened that this has been placed upon me.



  1. This is not your problem. That mother needs to talk to her own daughter about this...why the hell is she even telling you this?

    I call bullshit. The mother is jealous. Plain and simple....

  2. Also my guess is that they don't practice honesty is the best policy in their house. Why should you be faulted for telling her you did in fact have two babies. You did. What is the problem?

  3. I'm not a "seasoned" mom (yet), but I think that is just plain weird! I mean, they haven't had the conversation as to where babies grow? She's 6, not 2! There are a lot of strange people out there!!

  4. Absolutely not for you to feel bad about or solve.
    You answered a harmless question! She obviously needs to talk to her own child about it, I know you would not have said anything to traumatize a child. why would she tell you that to make you feel badly? She obviously can't handle the situation and has now decided that blaming you takes the pressure off her own failing to handle her child's emotions herself.
    Making you feel bad doesn't help her child, just helps that mom to feel that she isn't a bad mom.
    Selfish and stupid!

    You offered to speak to the child, you don't have to feel responsible. the child obviously is confused and fearful about something, and the parents have not been able to get it out of her, not your problem.

  5. Please, don't waste one more thought on this. Obviously that mother has issues of her and there is absolutely NO reason for you to feel badly. She should have squashed any 'fears' or concerns that her daughter had right then and there and none of this is your problem. AT. ALL!

  6. I agree with the rest of the commenters. She is the scary one. Not you.

  7. Wow. Sounds like a big case of projection.. that momma must be frustrated or at a loss, and rather than dealing with it, is looking to blame her issues on you.. definitely don't worry about it!

  8. Seriously. NOT YOUR PROBLEM (or fault). Wow, that mother needs to have a chat with her daughter. What if the kid saw quadruplets? Would she fall over dead.?

  9. Definitely NOT your problem. That mother needs to talk her own daughter and explain what twins are, they are obviously not doing their job as a parent by calming their fears. We have had similar things with Chloe where she finds out a child does not have a daddy, so we sit down and explain that to her, and instead, it gives her a heart of compassion. This mother has serious issues, do not feel guilty about it - not for one second!

  10. I would say a big loud: KISS MY ASS. Whatever!!