Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Official - Masters here I come

I have officially decided to compete in 2011. The competition will be the Masters Figure (35 and over only...all you young pups are NOT allowed!) March 19, 2011, right here at home!

Check it out here for more case anyone wants to come cheer me on!

I have enlisted some help. My nutrition/weight training/posing/supplement gal Jewels...and my CRAZY AWESOME ..and darn right cool athletic trainer Paul.

My sister is on board for styling and her best friend Sommer for hair and makeup. Tim, my parents and all my friends are ready for support when needed....that means NO temptations ok?

Do I have the first clue about what I'm doing?

Am I scared?

Has this been in my bucket list since I was in my early twenties?

I'll tell you, my biggest fear is that I get on stage and I'm that girl that everyone looks at wondering why she is know like those bad singers on Idol....someone should tell them they can't sing!

So you see, part of this process is for me to grow in confidence in my own determination and abilities. I know I can diet, I know I can put the hours in at the gym and still manage work and a house of kidlets....I just have to truly BELIEVE in myself and enjoy the process. If I step on that stage looking the best I possibly can, knowing I gave it 100% then the end result will not matter.

I will keep you posted every few weeks on what's, training and "other" stuff (posing clinic starts in January). For now, the next 2 weeks will focus on settling into a new diet, 2000 calories (up from 1500) and 5 intense weight training days per week as well as 30 minutes minimum of cardio per day. Many late nights are in my future, but for this night owl and early riser, I say BRING IT!

So, what's on your goals for 2011, have you revisited your "fitness" bucket list and will leap with me into unknown territory? A half marathon? Triathlon? 10km walk? Committing to exercising at least 5 days a week? Whatever it is, it is YOUR GOAL

PS: comments are truly appreciated my friends...I am reaching out for support here and I know I will get some lovin from ya! Stay fit and fab this weekend!


  1. Wow Cheryl! That will be awesome. Can't wait for the progress reports.

  2. well done! very exciting! I look forward to hearing about your progress! As for me, I am still moving forward and losing weight. I am down 21 pounds....well, I was 2 weeks ago, so hopefully on monday it will be a bit more!!! My exercise more FOR SURE! I am enjoying the open gym on wednesday nights...lots of fun! I will keep you posted! Stay's nice to have a goal!

  3. Whohooo! I look forward to cheering you on. I know you can do it and do it with style.

    Right now my goal is to get back to running...once that happens, I need to set a new goal!

    Good luck with your new challenge!

  4. What a phenomenal thing for you! I am so excited to hear more!

  5. Way to go Cheryl! YOu will do awesome! We're all here to support you and we KNOW you can do it! You are truly an inspiration!