Sunday, October 3, 2010 wasn't 26.2 miles...

Someone sent me a text this week which read...

"While it's not a full marathon, hope you have a personal best on your race!"

While I could dwell on that text (I assume it was well intentioned?), I chose to not obsess that my dream of being a marathoner was not happening, and simply head to Minneapolis and enjoy myself and guess what...I have had a fantastic time PLUS...a personal best on the 10 mile race...1:26:21.

Let me say this....I RUN FOR MYSELF AND ONLY MYSELF. Ditch the competitiveness if you want to truly enjoy running. When you turn it into a competition, you take out the fun, the freedom. Be tough on your own personal goals but don't judge others for theirs. Ok, lecture over.

My gal Shawna, who continued to train without me when I got injured in July, finished in 4:08. She is truly amazing. 3 kids under 6, a Partner at a big CA firm and a bum knee, she found the time to crank out the required training schedule and finish this beast of a run!.

This was one of the nicest courses I have ever run...including the 7 hills! At almost a hill per mile, this prairie gal is not used to that kind of incline and the hip flexors are paying right now.

A bright and early start with a plus 4 faithful running gloves which I bought at the expo here say JUST ONE MORE MILE...ain't that the truth? Mine really should have said I RUN FOR COFFEE...
We said goodbye and headed to our corrals. That's me with the 2 water bottles. Me and 6000 other runners!
A cool dry-fit shirt for the finishers! Well worth the $65 entry!
What would I do post-race? Massage, eat, stretch...nope..I headed for the Caribou Coffee stand and dosed myself up...Did you really think there was any other option for me? I run for coffee remember? This city is patriotic...I was like a fish outta water eh? Can't say I've ever run a race where there was a gigantic Canadian Flag hanging from massive cranes near the finish line. Go big or go home right?
As I ran through the streets of Minneapolis and my legs felt light, my lungs full of fresh beautiful fall air, I was truly thankful that my injury was at bay, and that I was simply able to run foot in front of the other, with my family proudly waiting at the finish line.


  1. Awesome Cheryl! A personal best...amazing! Glad you enjoyed the race...and the coffee afterwards!

  2. So awesome! Way to go!!

    My 9-year-old daughter just ran her first race - 3k in the Queen City Marathon in Regina - and I made sure she knew that she was running for HER and to make it fun and to not worry about passing anyone or if anyone passed her but to just do her best. Definitely makes running much more fun - going for personal goals.

  3. I love your running philosophy! Awesome time, I am in awe, I know how hard that is.

    I look forward to my next race when I can say my knee issue is behind me.

    I am so glad you had a good race, way to go Cheryl!

    Ps love your running tights, very nice!