Saturday, November 14, 2009

Projects for hubby = grumpy hubby

Ok so even though I have been nesting, alot of my nesting has been happily performed (ha!) by my hubby. At first he was more than cooperative, all it took was watching me wince with every step. But then he turned a bit grumpy...maybe it was my list of items I needed.....

Rona for a new area rug (in which Tim & Cole wheeled me around in a wheelchair laughing..not so funny to me but we did get great service!

Costco for groceries (and snacks). Now they have those motorized scooters to ride but I'm not quite there yet.

And finally, all began with a simple coat hook idea from Tim. "We need a few coat hooks at the back door in the mud room for the kids". Fantastic idea I thought as I personally am tired of hanging up Cole's jacket every day!

I did a few searches on line for some ideas and after a few stores (Walmart, Urban Barn and Rona to be exact) Tim and I collaboratively came up with this...

Each frame has magnetic tape which will hold magnets with the boys names....stay tuned for the boys names! Below each frame is a clip from Urban Barn, meant for hanging bags, coats, whatever you want. The project turned out great...and hubby pushed through to complete it for me...smiles (ha!) and all.


  1. What a great idea! I would totally copy it but we have no room!

    I was hoping to get a peak at the boys names ;) Guess I'll just have to wait, I love surprises.


  2. that is uber cool - i did something similar on the back of my son's door - needless to say his junk still ends up on the living room floor



    thanks for visiting me over at the crib and becoming a follower

  3. Looks great! Don't you just love Urban Barn?!! Can't wait to see those names!

  4. I have thought about you all day and all the excitment and anticipation you must be feeling today as you prepare to meet and fall in love with two more little boys. Sending quick natural labor vibes your way. Best of luck to you tomorrow as you embark on this wonderfully chaotic job of parenting multiples. Can't wait to hear the details.

    Take Care and for the love of pete TRY and get some sleep tonight because it will be a LONG LONG time before you do ;-)

  5. love it. can't wait to hear what the names are!