Monday, November 9, 2009

T-minus 6 days

The countdown has begun

6. On friday my doctor said I would be induced Nov 24th. That would be 38.5 weeks....

5. Baby B decided to shift from breach into head down at some point in the past few days and all has changed

4. Yesterdays ultrasound showed both babies are head down, great news!

3. Not so great news is the extreme pain I have in my right hand and arm. I thought it was carpal tunnel but turns out baby B is sitting on a nerve which is causing my numbness. If I get 3 hours a night sleep I am lucky at this point

2. The doc took one look at me and my swollen hand today and said I was looking "very pregnant".

1. The doc "got things going" with an internal exam and submitted the induction form for Monday Nov 16th, 6 days from today.

I am ready to blast off into into the crazy world of multiples and extremely excited at the thought of being a mom again...

Oh, and also to get the feeling back in my hand again....seriously...


  1. Good luck!! "Crazy world of multiples" is exactly the perfect way to put it, but just remember, even though two (OMG! TWO!!) babies means double the "twinsanity" (as Candace puts it), it also means double the rewards - which sounds cheesy and super lame, but also true. Congratulations, new twin mama!!


    This is going to be such an amazing experience for you! Can't wait to read and hear all about it :)

  3. I can't believe how fast it is all happening. It seems like yesterday you found out the good news! We will keep you in our prayers for a safe, healthy, and quick delivery!

  4. OMG JUST SENT YOU AND E-MAIL TO GET TOGEHTER, GUESS THAT'S NOT HAPPENIGN NOW HAHA... GOOD LUCK CHERYL, I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! my goodness in like 6 days you'll be a mommy to twin boys breathe in /breathe out and you're having natural birth, wow excellent baby oven you have:) good luck with everything adn I can't wait to meet you little munchkins... wish cold a happy belated, when we come by to see your boys we'll have a b-day gift for Cole too (a little late sorry!!!) I'll call you b/f your due date to chat some more heehee.. love ATHENA

  5. YAY, that is so exciting! You will do wonderfully. Cant wait to hear the details.