Friday, November 20, 2009

D-Day...the delivery

I got the call monday morning to come in for induction at noon.

Relief.....although I was not giddy with excitement over the actual delivery, I could no longer take the pain my body was feeling. I was having to use wheelchairs at the store, I was limping and wincing every time I turned or took a step. IT WAS TIME

One last set of photos (since you all encouraged to get the full extent of the belly!) and we were off!

Rear can sense my discomfort given from the back things are relatively under control... side profile...all I can say is I walked in and the nurses knew I was carrying was THAT obvious I guess...

I was induced at 1pm, labored until 5cm and then had an epidural at 4pm. They broke Baby A's water at 6pm and by 11 I was ready for the OR. Twins are delivered in an OR and not a birthing room just in case a c-section is required or other issues pop up needing a dedicated group of docs and nurses.

Tim did a count, there were 16 people in the room. Many medical and nursing students interested in seeing a multiple vaginal birth. Wow, I am honored.....

11:10 I started pushing Baby A

11:26 Luke arrived, no issues, bundled up and given to me for about 10 seconds

11:30: Quick top up on the epidural and a few ice chips and they broke Baby B's waters and vacuumed him down a bit into the canal.

11:36 Kyle is born, checked over and is sounding like he has some breathing issues. He was whisked away to the NICU for observation but met me back in recovery 30 minutes later. Supposedly the second baby on twin deliveries seems to suffer more with breathing and mucous issues.

A quick clean up (no stitches...yay!!) and I was shipped to recovery at midnight. I was in recovery for about 2 hours, starving and dehydrated, I was able to have some toast and juice while they pumped a litre of saline into me.

I looked over and saw this precious sight...

Remember that moment when it's silent and you have time to really take in what just happened, one day the baby is in your belly and the next day she/he is here, on earth with you....all yours. It's overwhelming and amazing all in one. A miracle we actually get to experience.

My d-day turned out to be just that....delightful.


  1. So happy to hear you had a great experience! A memory you can treasure forever!

  2. Sounds like an amazing delivery. Congrats, they are absolutely gorgeous. Let the fun begin :-)

  3. Wow Cheryl, what a wonderful delivery, everythign went so perfect and your boys are adorable, they look very similar, but the parents can always see the differences right away haha.. Good luck with your feedings/pumping/naps etc.. Let me know if you need anything, I"m here for you, I'm so happy you will have daily help, that's a blessing. Eat lots of soups, helps with the milk flow if you need it of course, i did b/c I had a c-sec, but you gave natural birth so you're prob just fine in the milk dept. Anyways, chat more when you get some extra rest!!! Athena


  5. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  6. Oh Cheryl, how exciting!!!!! Yay, three beautiful boys now!!!
    Congratulations! Kyle looks so proud already!

    Rest up Mama, the work is just beginning - but we know you're more than up for it ;)!!!

  7. wow, that belly...amazing!
    congratulations again!!!!