Sunday, November 22, 2009

recovery.....much better this time

When I had Cole I swore I would NEVER have a vaginal birth again. He did quite the number on me...and then some. Over an hour of surgery after the birth was required to "piece" me back together as the doctor put it.


For those who have yet to have kids, I'm sorry, too much info. But reality is.... birthing can be excrutiatingly painful.

For those with kids, you know what I'm talkin about right! First child, small canal, big baby = Ouch.

Good news is I was able to recover...after about a month of sitting on a hemmroid donut. Nothing like toting around an object that looks like a whoopi cushion.

So the first request to my doctor was that I did not want 100 stitches again. He assured me that a 2nd child, smaller babies and right positioning would all lead to a great delivery and minimal recovery. Wow, doctors ARE generally right!

Hearing the words "no stitches" was music to my ears. The doctor on call who delivered the twins even thanked me for such a speedy delivery and clean up (I guess she had a late night dinner date or something). The next day the nurses would read my chart and ask "really? not a single stitch?"

Trust me...Cole MORE than paved a nice highway for them. Complete with shoulders and all

So to my dear Cole, Mommy THANKS YOU. While I was not happy at the time....I now appreciate what we had to go through to ensure the journey into this world for your brothers was fast and simple.

Being able to walk, sit, stand, climb stairs 100 times a day with babies in my arms this week has been one of life's simples pleasures for me.


  1. No stitches..that's amazing Cheryl! I guess all the credit has to go to Cole! I wish I could say the same. I had stitches with all 3, but not as bad as your first! YIKES.

    Hope you are managing to get some rest!

  2. Ha! My delivery with Kamden was the same and it really was like a first since Jack was a C-section. But you know it was far less painful dealing with the third degree tears and the roids than the c-section scar.

    I love the new picture of all three boys, priceless!

    And also! You rock!