Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation day

Today I attended my 12th university convocation...yeah I know...that is alot of papers floating around our family...

Cam (brother) - 2 undergrads, 2 masters, 1 specialist
Tim (hubby)- 1 undergrad, 1 masters
Kim (sister)- 1 undergrad, 1 masters (that was today's special!)
Me - 2 undergrads, 1 masters

Let me tell ya, nothing has changed in the past 15 years, including the man who presents the graduates. He has gray hair now, that's about it. Speech after speech, medal after medal, degree after degree...it's the same drill..you wait and wait and wait...and then it's your turn to cross that stage!

And then it's over.

I remember sitting at mine and being soooooo bored. I felt bad for my family having to sit through 2 hours...all to hear my name called.

Yet today as I stood at the back with the twins and Cole and I waited in anticipation for my sister to cross that stage, I truly felt proud of her. It did not matter that the twins were a bit fiesty from missing a nap...it did not matter that my back was killing me from wearing heels and taking care of 3 kids in a confined area...it simply DID NOT MATTER

What mattered was that my baby sister has worked her butt off for 4 years doing evening and summer courses to get her masters in education for resource. When she crossed that stage and they said her name, we all cheered as though she was the only one graduating. We all cheered as though the 2 hours seemed like 2 minutes.

Congrats Kim..you did it!


  1. awesome!
    beautifully educated family!

  2. Y'all are eductated to the nines?!
    Did I know you had a Masters...probably, forgetful me :)

    Also, that dress, you have such cute clothes, I love it.

    Congrats Kim!

  3. How wonderful. Congrats to your sister! I'm sure she is glad it's over!

    I'm assuming the twins took the pic since they are not in it ;) JK! Ya'll look wonderful.

  4. Congratulations to your sister! I'm glad it was a meaningful ceremony for you because you're right, those things can be tough to sit through even as a participant!