Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping with hubby...

Once a year Tim shops.

I shop at least once a month (maybe more?)

I tend to enjoy shopping alone, no kids, just me and the racks...

My store of choice? Winners (equivalent to TJ Maxx for my US friends)

I like having everything in one location...kids, home, beauty, jewelery, shoes....I browse it all!!

Tim walks into Winners...and walks out.

So to my surprise last friday...we took the kids and headed to Winners. It was bedtime for the twins and magically they chilled in the stroller...Cole snagged a "where's Waldo" book and sat searching for that infamous character. Already this was going well....

Then...magic happened...I see Tim with a pile of stuff to try on?


Golf shorts, golf shirts, running shorts, shoes, jackets, you name it..he had it.

I could NOT contain my excitement....this gave me free reign to go ahead and shop for ME!

Sundresses, blouses, running stuff, shoes...the 6 item limit was broken in about 2 minutes. I was like a wild animal searching for something, anything...sales, no sales, it did not matter, I wanted it alllllllllll.......

2.5 hours later (yes you read that right) we were at the till..the damage was done, I wore my new blouse to a party, I am wearing my new sundress to soccer tonight and I will likely wear my new running shorts for the half marathon this weekend.


His clothes are hanging in the closet...with the tags still on....and him comtemplating returning it all.

Here I thought we were making progress.


  1. It's so frustrating shopping with men!! Mark walks around aimlessly looking for stuff. It drives me nuts. Just pick something and go try it on already!!

    Hmm....why is Tim wanting to return it all? Some guilty feelings perhaps? I can relate!

  2. Oh boy, you had me going there, I was all excited for you!

    Cut the tags off while he's gone.

    (I am sneaky like that)

    Also, we need a picture of you in those shorts. Come on!! Embrace those thighs of steel!

  3. I can't shop with my husband. He takes FOREVER which might only be 20 minutes, but I'm in and out in 4.

    Strange how people can be compatible in so many ways and so different in others!

    I think you did make progress even if the tags are still on.

  4. Oh that sounds JUST like us - Pete absolutely hates winners, but he loves when I come out with tons of stuff (when he does not have sit there waiting for me, of course) cuz that means we have to visit fewer other stores.

  5. I must admit I don't like winners - I am in and out in less then 10 minutes and I generally return 75% of what I buy! If its not hanging on the wall perfectly displayed, I don't see it. Your blouse is really cute though and I did think maybe I should give winners another try once the baby arrives!