Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm obsessed....again

5 years ago I was obsessed with the Natalee Holloway case. Every night I watched Nancy Grace to see the "breaking news". She was counting the days the girl had been missing. New leads, pleas from her family, suspects arrested, and then released. It was an all consuming roller coaster ride for me. Every night I kept hoping she would be found...alive.

Cole was just a baby. I panicked at the thought of him EVER going on a school I ever went to Mexico with my friends.....never...and pigs fly.

Tim would roll his eyes, "they will never find her" he would say.


And now, 5 years later, my obsession is back.... Nancy Grace is on every night, Tim's eye rolling is in full effect.

Joran Van Der Sloot is back in the can look him up if you want, I would NOT waste my time though. He is a media hungry psycho who has confessed to killing Stephany Flores. Why? Because the poor girl found an email linking him to Natalee Holloway. So he killed her.

While he is not the first person to murder someone and head to prison, WHY is he being given SO MUCH media attention. WHY must I turn on the TV and see a story on how he spends his days in prison, what his cell looks like. Video of him signing papers, posing for pictures with his prison chains on and most disgustingly, details of HOW he killed Stephany. As a parent I feel sick that we are so focused on him as news worthy...

Lock him away and get him to tell authorities where Natalee's body is.

Lock him away and let the families mourn their daughters.

Lock him away, lock him away, lock him away.

Will my obsession be put to rest once and for all?

Has a news story ever gripped you so much that it has stayed with you throughout the years?

(please note that this is simply MY opinion based on my limited knowledge of the law and the case itself)


  1. Yep, I get obsessed with news stories all the time. Natalee Holloway was a big one. Apparently I need to get out from under my rock and get caught up on it!

  2. i love following this case too!! i tell my kids to shush when it comes on the news. i still can't believe what he did to stephanie!!! really??? just broke her neck? what a cruel ruthless person.

    anyway, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. still not sure about a third yet. my boy is a handful... who knew boys were so tough!!!

  3. I cannot watch these news stories. They make me very depressed and angry. It angers me that media sensationalizes these criminals and makes them celebrities in a way.

  4. I was obsessed with the Laci Peterson case years ago, thank goodness we don't hear much about her sociopath husband Scott anymore.

  5. I TOTALLY get obsessed with some cases. I've kept up on this one, but since I don't have cable, it's all online.

  6. I remember being interested in the OJ Simpson trial. Nothing has ever quite captured me since the way that did back then.