Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fitness friday..on time!

Wow, I'm actually posting on friday! Whoo hoo!

Ok my faithful followers, you asked so you get. Pics and a treadmill workout!

It's been a great 2 weeks, training for the half marathon is almost done. I weighed in 2 pounds down and another 1% bodyfat gone which puts me at 12%. I am closer to making a decision on competing...stay tuned!

A unicorn may come out in the next few weeks. The unicorn being my legs (that's an entire post in itself!)...they have not seen shorts in years but I am tired of running in capris. As I clock more then 20 miles a week right now I need to get over it and sport some shorts. Lulu here I come!

The abs are starting to shine through.....the skin is getting tighter......I'm still rubbing on stretch mark that weird? I swear it helps.

Here's my treadmill cardio for ya, enjoy!

Warm up on the treadmill for 5 mins walking (3.7mph), and 5 mins walking (3.9mph)

Increase the incline to 10. Now for every minute and a half (90 seconds) drop the incline. The whole time I walked at 3.9 mph. This should take you to 25 mins.

Keep your incline at 1. Do this 3 minute rotation until you pass 40 minutes:

1 min jog at 6.0mph, 30 second run at 7.0mph, 1 min jog at 6.0mph, 30 second walk at 4.0mph

It is a jog, a quick push on the run, back to the run then quick recover.

  • Bodybounce - Akon & Kardinal Official
  • Clap Your Hands - Sia

Stay fit this weekend!


  1. You look INCREDIBLE!!!

    I miss running. I'm single-parenting this month and I do not have a treadmill. July cannot come fast enough!

  2. Drooling over your abs. I'm totally checking you out here and feeling jealous as I rub my 7 month preggo belly.

  3. Dude, GET YOUR SHORTS ON! If I can were them, you should be wearing them. The world needs to see those hot legs!

    You are looking fab!!

  4. Oh and the Lulu groove shorts tend to ride up when running. I just let it all hang out, I am classy like that ;)

  5. Cheryl - you look awesome! I think you should teach a boot camp for moms. Really who wouldn't follow your lead if they could look that awesome!

  6. Well I'm glad we're only Internet friends because if I knew you in real life I'd be pretty sure you could take me in a fight. I'm scared.

    I changed my mind.

    I'm even scared on the computer.

  7. you look amazing! and i have ab jealousy... bad. i am making a mental note to stop by more often to stay motivated.