Saturday, June 26, 2010

Water babies...I think not

Last summer we bought a house with a pool. I was pregnant and loved floating around. This summer, I am down the slide, off the diving board and tanning on my belly!

I was so excited to get the twins into the pool, they will love it...I'm sure of it! I was seriously hoping Luke and Kyle would feel the water and become water babies...well..... I will let the pictures say it all...

Kyle..he loves the bath so it should be an easy (mind you much cooler) transition to the pool right? Oh my...this lasted the entire swim....

Luke......he hates the bath. Fuss fuss in the warm water, who knew I just needed to put him in a massive bed of cool water. This lasted the entire swim too...

And this dude...he is water wing free and swimming under water, even touching the bottom of the shallow end with his hand....a significant milestone so early in the swimming season. Who needs lessons!
Fuss or no fuss, my goal is to get the twins in the water each sunny swim day. There is at least 60 more days of swimming weather and hopefully not 60 more days of crying!


  1. Ha! That is funny with Luke and Kyle, they always have to be unpredictable eh?!

    And the photos are phenominal! Love them.

  2. Are you going to try a cooler bath with your little guy now?

  3. My daughter was a water baby from the start. I've seen parents rehab the kids that are screaming from the start. I hope you're able to conquer his fears so you can enjoy most of those remaining days. You'd think the confidence his brothers have would be a great influence.

  4. That is too cute!

    That is so great that Cole is such a good swimmer. Caleb loves the pool but won't go under the water. Justin loves the pool and will try anything. Ben hates the pool...he looks just like Kyle the whole time. Me? I prefer the sunbathing beside the pool!

  5. So cute Cheryl! I have problems with all our kids in the water, Chloe is now, at age 6, finally comfortable (meaning not clinging for dear life onto the first adult she sees), but she has to wear a life jacket and have a noodle that she can float on...we've tried everything, I too hope one day they will enjoy the water. And way to go Cole! What a brave big boy!