Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bridesmaid...and the dress is...

Here we go again!

My baby sis is tying the knot Sept 18th! We ventured out for some dress shopping all day yesterday and we settled on a fantastic Alfred Sung Strapless number...

We decided on a teal blue and we're doing some minor changes to the bow (ie: not black and adding a bling bling brooch to it, class it up a bit!)

My mom was shocked that we could make a decision so fast....time is ticking...Kim and I are both decisive people...

Ahem....size 2 my friends...and it needs alterations...seems as though my boobage has shrunk a bit since having 3 kids. Let's just say it was a much nicer experience to shop for this dress...remember when I shopped for my bros wedding? 3 weeks post baby...and a size 12 dress! Yikes!

We had a BLAST. Kim pulled every dress in the store I bet and I tried them ALL on. I am easy like that...The other girls in the store were having fun watching me change like superwoman to reveal the next dress. Other brides were getting ideas for their wedding parties and we had an afternoon full of smiles.

Next up. My THAT will be a bit more work, she is very indecisive. She must have tried on 20 dresses yesterday and nothing was just right...we need to get her seeing what we see....a 65 year old woman that is fun, hip and fantastically fit! Dress shopping should be fun, not stressful right?


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun dress shopping! It can be exhausting, but I think you chose a really nice dress!

    And let's not go there with the boob shrinkage after 3 babies!!

  2. I can imagine that dress shopping is much more fun now than it was 3 weeks postpartum on so many levels!

  3. Ooooh, I LOVE that dress! So timeless. Good choice! I hear ya on the post-partum dress shopping... I was IN a wedding at 7 months PG, and went to my youngest brother-in-law's wedding at 6 weeks post-partum... dress buying was a NIGHTMARE!


  4. It's gorgeous and will look amazing on you!