Thursday, June 24, 2010

Volunteering is done...sniffle...

3 days of school left for Cole.....he's upset and I'm excited. He'll miss his friends but I'm thrilled to have him all to myself for 60 days!

Time to undo all the junk behavior he picked up this year....and have a fun summer!

So I had my last morning of volunteering in his class we are walking to school. Notice the massive smile Cole has...the most excited I see him is the night before I volunteer. Can I freeze that emotion and make it last forever? I won't miss the tedious tasks I get to do while volunteering (color? shelve books?) but I will miss watching the kids draw pictures, attempt kid printing...did you know "because" is actually "bekose" in Cole's world...and seeing my munchkin stare at his teacher as though she is the love of his life.

Ok, as a side note, Cole dresses himself now and I try not to make a big deal about his choices. I want his to feel confident in his ability to get ready in the AM...but the long sleeve shirt on a hot day, matched with brown socks AND black runners was too much to bear...I packed a short sleeve shirt for him...and sandals. I changed him once we got to school when he realized how hot he was....meltdown avoided.

Double side note...I like getting dressed up for volunteering, I'll miss that part too....for those interested (and I know you will email me) Dress is Max Studio from Winners ($50), Purse from Winners ($30), Jones NY sunglasses from Winners ($15) and flip flops from Aritzia ($16)

Here's to a fantastic summer break, full of sun, swimming, beach, park, ice cream, late nights and most of all... memories.


  1. L loves to dress himself too. We are working on matching and he's starting to get it!

  2. You should see some of the combo's my boys come up with! I just let 'em go like that, they don't listen to me anyway.

    I am so excited that school is over tomorrow! WHOOT!

  3. Hi, just came across your blog.. your son is adorable, and so cute that he's dressing himself, but smart thinking with the back up flip flops and short sleeve shirt :) Enjoy your summer!

  4. Love the dress Cheryl! And way to go for letting Cole dress himself - Chloe has been doing that since Kindergarten, and sometimes it's awful, but she is so proud of herself! You gotta pick the fights!

  5. I'm too much a control freak to let the boys dress themselves! I pick out 2 outfits and let them choose 1! Seems to work...for now!

    Ahh...the dog days of summer!! Love it.

    Cute outfit. I really must visit Winners!