Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 going on 16

Coley Bear turned 6 today.

Tim and I chatted a bit about the day he was different things are now....we have lost loved ones...we have gained new loved ones...our own and extended...

You blink and your monkey goes from a toddling 2 year old..To a 6 year old little man...
I sent a little note in his lunch today...reminding him that at 11:30 he was officially 6 and that we loved him...simple things like that note made me smile. Nothing like your child's birthday to make you realize just how lucky you are to even be a mom.

Hockey, Nintendo DS, The Wii, Math, Reading Star Wars books consume his Tim and I decided to get him a magic set! He spent the evening learning new tricks and impressing the family...he is one funny kid.

Tim's mom made a great cake which looked exactly like his hockey jersey....complete with his name...only grandma's have that kind of patience to make black icing!

We dined on sushi and homemade pizza..special requests from the birthday boy....we opened gifts..we laughed....

And now I sit here, writing this post, listening to my 6 year old as he sings to himself in his bed...

Happy birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me...
Bonne Fete a moi...Bonne Fete a moi

Ok, who taught him the french version?

Happy Birthday Cole.


  1. Happy Birthday to you both! He is a wonderful kid, I can attest to that. And I also can attest that he has a fantastically great mom!

    So glad you enjoyed his birthday together, there really isn't anything more important!

  2. Happy Birthday! Children do change our lives, but it's such a wonderful experience!

  3. Love the note idea!

    I remember when he was just a little baby...and now he's 6 and eating sushi! WOW!

  4. WOW!!! Happy birthday Cole!!! That must be amazing to watch your little one grow. :)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Cole!! He is just too cute, how funny that he was singing to himself in French?! And that cake is adorable!!