Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fitness Friday - Crank that incline

This week's treadmill workout is simple. Walk it out...but pretend you are in San Fran where the roads are not flat...
Get on that treadmill and crank it up high...

For mine, that means a 10 incline. If yours goes golly today is your lucky day!

0-5 minutes incline 3, speed of 3.7mph

5-15 minutes, incline 10, speed 3.1

15-20, incline 4, speed 3.8mph

20-30 incline 10, speed 3.3mph
30-35 incline 5, speed 3.9mph

35-45 incline 10, speed 3.5

45-50 cool down, incline 1, speed 3.5mph

It's nice to switch it up from always running...the incline will help tighten up that with the speed but do not change the incline I have suggested..

A tip I found this morning, thanks to my trainer..if you want to get ultra low on your pushups, place a set of large dumbells on either side of you (25's and up). Chest gets low to the ground and you WILL feel it. He graciously snagged a pic as I was cursing under my breathe..

I spent an hour getting manhandled by my Athletic Therapist this running injury was acting up a bit and my heels were sore...apparently I'm all out of whack..nothing major, just regular kinks cause by volume training. I've added him to my team...a weekly visit to him will keep me injury free...I hope.

New on my IPOD this week:

  • Nuttin Nuh Go So: Notch
  • Bumpy Ride: Mohombi
Stay Fit this weekend!

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  1. Yes, cursing under your breath is right! Ouch! But damn, look at those wickedly ripped arms of yours - drools jealously :)

    Off to train this am with my trainer - I am glad she doesn't know Paul ;)