Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking out

It's cold here. We're talking really cold, a bundle me up in a parka, ski pants and balaclava cold.

Ahh Winnipeg, how I love you.

With one child, I could easily do it. With 2? Not so much. By "it" I mean venture outside. I have errands to run my friends. I have photos at Costco and the cupboards are bare...

But, for the past week, me and the boys have been hanging indoors. They have plenty of new toys from the big birthday to keep them entertained...but nothing is quite as exciting as this...

Several times a day we sit in the front room and look outside. For me, it's simply cold snow and the fact that I'm stuck inside. For Luke and Kyle, I'm sure it's white, fluffy and looks like amazing it is to see them stare and smile as the snow falls down.

As cars and neighbors walk by. I'm sure the sight of these two staring out the window creates many of their own memories..

My mom had tears when she saw them...she said it reminded her of her time at home with my brother and I, and how it feels like yesterday that we were standing at the window, making handprints on the glass...staring, smiling.

The cold weather can continue on...I'm good inside...looking out.


  1. I am staying put too, snow, snow and more snow.

    I love those shots by the window, those two are so adorable!

  2. I love the diaper shots! Too cute. We are staying indoors too, except for driving to preschool 3 times a week. It's such a pain to get everyone dressed and in and out of the car! GRRRR, I hate winter.

  3. we spend the week indoors too and it's not even december yet! I started blogging last January because of this! stir crazy! love the cutie diaper shots!