Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fitness Friday - Weigh In Week

124.5, up a pound in 3 weeks. Body fat remained at 11%, waist shrunk .5 inch but legs and arms grew .5inch. That 1 pound is all lean are my latest shots

Pleased were my trainers. Pleased am I. Feels like my muscles are popping out a bit more, less lean/skinny looking and more "fit" looking. Can I say my boobies are back! Double yay!! Only took a year and some serious chest work but I managed to pump them up again...

Side view...

Can we say a tan is needed? Yikes! Winnipeg Winter White in full effect!

Lots of oblique work these past 3 weeks and the results were good. Some definition on the side came through. Given my waist is pretty small, we don't expect huge changes there, just more definition.

Weigh in night means CHEAT MEAL NIGHT! Tonight I was ALL OVER the chocolate from halloween, I have been saving it until now! As I sit here, I feel ill and will likely have a headache from the sugar but it was well worth every little aero, kit kat and coffee crisp in my belly. Back on track tomorrow I go. Round 2, another 3 week program.

I worked DANG hard for that pound, heavy on the weights, lighter (ie:45 minutes a day) of cardio and ALOT of food. Amazes me how hard it is to gain muscle mass, I was worried I may get too big...not likely at the rate I'm going. We are switching to 5 days of weights now. I find my recovery time is not enough on a 6 day split. With my already active lifestyle with two babies at home, I need at least 2 days of active recovery. This will include yoga or light walk but no weights.

The shopping trip to Costco tonight included:
Ground Beef
Veggies of all sorts..except carrots and peas, too high in carbs
Cottage Cheese
Whole grain bread

Tomorrow I'll spend the wee hours prepping and cooking while the babies play and the house is quiet. Approx. 16 weeks out from competition. 4 more weeks of eating like this and then we will start cutting it down to get lean. Stay tuned!


  • Give a little more -Maroon 5
  • The Big Bang - Rock Mafia
  • Wiggle Wiggle - Fulanito

Have a fit weekend!


  1. YOu look great girly! :-)

    Do you cook all your meals at once to eat on for the whole week?

  2. Your abs are popping out like crazy, good work! You look fantastic and are going to be so ready for the competition.

    and I know what you mean about cheating, for me it is if I include dairy in the cheat. BLECH. It isn't actually even worth it I have decided!

  3. Wow Cheryl you look amazing! Keep up the hard work!! :)

  4. I'm nearly inspired to pump up my own boobies!

    Way to go!

  5. You looks awesome! I think Tim should definitely get you the stuff on your wish list plus a day at the spa after the competition is done.