Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The POWER of Oprah

The multi-million dollar talk show host has done it again.

She has cost me money.

No, I did not buy anything this time. I sold something.


You see, she has that show every November called "Oprah's Favorite Things"....I like to watch it to see what goodies are hot ticket items in her mind. I also get a bit jealous of those in the audience, I admit it.

A few days ago Tim and I were looking to sell some stock. We decided our lululemon stock was a good choice. It was set to reach it's 52 week high, so we sold it at 49.50. A decent profit...


'I've got to tell you, anything that cuts your butt in half should be your favorite thing too!'"

She was referring to the Lululemon Relaxed Fit Pant

Maybe viewers could miss her saying that...but then she brings out a bunch of models wearing the dang pants and has them turn around to flaunt off the butt.

You would have heard me yelling at the TV.....NOOOOOO, Off the stage people!!!

Maybe viewers don't really care about butts looking half their size?

Maybe I'm delirious

The stock jumped to $55 today.


The power of Oprah.


  1. I love to watch her Favorite Things show too! Dang, I wish I could be part of that audience. I saw those pants. Too bad you sold your stock! It's amazing how one person can change things overnight ;0

  2. Dang is right. But now I want some of those pants!

  3. Ugh. That SUCKS. But I may have to go check out those pants ... there's a lululemon just down the street from my office ...

    I can't stand Oprah. At all. She annoys me more than almost anyone else on the planet.

  4. What were you thinking selling Lululemon!!! Sell other stock instead :)

  5. ha! what a weird coincidence! damn that Oprah and her super human power!
    I love catching that show, just be jealous too, must be amazing to sit in on that one!