Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My life revolves around hockey

I swore I would not be a hockey mom. I swore.

Guess what..I am a hockey mom and Tim is a hockey dad.

Do we watch hockey on TV?
Nope (shhhh...it's one of the reasons why I married Tim...sports do not consume his time)

Did we attend any Flames games when we lived in Calgary?

So why on earth would we put Cole into hockey?

"Cause every kid needs to play hockey" ....or so said my good friend ( who happens to play girls hockey)

When someone takes you by the shoulders and stares into your eyes and tells you so....you tend to listen.

And so after 2 years of skating lessons, we ventured into the world of hockey. How bad can it be?

The money for ice time is flying out of our pockets...weekly games and 1.5 hour practices for 5-6 year olds means an exhausted cranky pants Cole...

Weekends have gone from "what are we going to do?" to..

"It'll depend on when Cole plays hockey"

Tim never learned how to play when he was little, he remembers thinking it was too expensive and not wanting to put his parents out...deep down, every winter when the guys play a "pick up game" at a local community centre, my hubby becomes sad...it's pathetic. Really.

The hockey rink lures me by providing free Tim Hortons coffee...the babies will learn to skate through osmosis from spending so much time there.

And Cole? He is taking this gig seriously. He "trains" everyday with me, push ups, pull ups, rides the stationary bike..he wants to be Sidney Crosby.

And let's face it..it's pretty hard to say no to this cuteness..

No, I do not know how to put on all that gear...like I said, the free coffee is my gig!


  1. Ha! I don't think every kid needs to play hockey...I never did, Jay never did and we are quite happy :) If our boys wanted to, we would totally put them in but secretly, I am pretty stoked that neither of them want to. And there is Tim Horton's at the soccer center so it's all good.

    He is adorable and if he loves it then that is reason enough!

  2. I'm glad we haven't taught our boys how to skate yet! I know, I know...every Canadian must skate...maybe this winter. I'm just too much of a sissy to sit in a cold rink and watch hockey! And the expense of possibly 3 boys in hockey? Oh my. But they are pretty darn cute!

  3. Hey Cheryl

    Trevor would be pretty proud to see Cole on the ice. Funny, we are in the same dilemna right now. Tyler is taking weekly skating lessons and Trevor's chest is popping out everytime he sees him skate. Sounds like Cole is enjoying it and at least you're getting free Timmys... Better than in Calgary for sure...

  4. So adorable! We have been told that by many people as well, but too bad for our boys, we cannot afford twins in hockey, the equipment for two boys (and you can't pass down from one to the other) and ice time is just too much money. So they are more than content with playing hockey on the driveway with a dad who also never played hockey but LOVES it!