Monday, March 16, 2009

Dearest Embryos

Today I saw you. Both of you. The embryologist was kind enough to give me a picture of you….not many people get to see their potential baby at the cellular level! It was amazing.

You looked perfect….

Dr. “McCutey” was in full force today, gentle as always, he took great care of you as you slid down the tube and into the uterus. I was even able to watch as you popped out of the tube, just like 2 little air bubbles.

My request now is simple - try to hang out and get comfortable in there would ya?

You’ll be floating around for 2-3 days, and while my immune system may try and get rid of you, I need you to be strong and fight to stay in there! My best advice is to just attach yourself early and hide out, do not let go!!

If both of you want to make yourselves at home, go right ahead, there is plenty of room and Tim, Cole and I are more than prepared for the 2 of you! I will provide you with a safe place to grow, I promise.

If you decide it’s not the right time, we will understand. I promise.

For now, we have hope and confidence that you will choose to stay with us. You will not regret it, I promise.


  1. Oh Cheryl, beautiful, so beautiful!

    That is so neat that you got to see them, what a wondeferul memory.

    Praying, hoping and wishing!

  2. and if I could spell I might win a prize.

    Try wonderful.


  3. Cheryl,

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck.


  4. I'm crying. Hang in there babies! Can't wait to meet you. I guess this means I'm going to have to experience Winnipeg in Winter. Hmmmm... you're worth it! Love Maia

  5. oh, that was really special. i'm praying for you and those two little babies...

  6. precious little munchkins hold on tight so you can enjoy life with a wonderful, caring and loving family. Cheryl, my prayers/thoughts are continuously with you.. My boys will have so much fun hanging out with another set of twins :)

  7. Sorry Cheryl, previous post was fr. Athena, forgot to end with my name. I can only use anonymous to post for some weird reason. !!!