Saturday, March 7, 2009

It’s All About the Numbers…

Being an accountant I love numbers….. there is something very cool about numbers.

Give me an N……..E……….R………D..!!

Yes, loud and proud, I am. I did a Science Degree majoring in Math. Days were filled with a cup of Calculus, a tablespoon of Linear Algebra and to sweeten it all up… a pinch of my very favorite….. Modern Geometry! For added spice I did it all in French at the local French university….I could have done without the spice…..but that is a post in itself.

As you can imagine, when the nurses said my estrogen levels were “low” last Wednesday, I wanted a number….how low?? Where do they need to be…give me a number I growled….

170. Yuck, something about that number 1, so primitive, so singular. Interestingly enough, 170 is part of the math term “non-totient” meaning it is never part of a solution (in simple terms, I will not get technical). How ironic, 170 was definitely not part of a solution in my fertility world either!

So yesterday (Friday) was more 8am bloodwork. Every time I go, I must sign in at the front desk. As I signed in, I noticed that I was the ONLY one getting bloodwork done. All of the other girls had progressed to the ultrasound. A pit in my stomach was evident as the nurse stroked my hand and kept me in the bloodwork room a bit longer than usual.

An ultrasound means the estrogen is high enough to produce follicles which will become eggs. The clinic wants to monitor them (they say over-stimulation is not good) and estimate when a potential egg retrieval will take place. THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

Instead, my nurse dropped the words “Abandoning the process” to me. If they did not see my estrogen level come up today, I may have to start over in a few months, at a higher dosage. They could not predict that my body would be so slow to react.


Back to work I went, in a real dumpy mood. They could have thrown a pity party, that is how discouraged I felt. Lucky for me I am part of a great office where Partners chit chat at the coffee machine with you, and stop by for no reason other than to say hello. It took my mind off the inevitable 1pm phone call.


Give me a number….I growled again.


Nice looking number…..round and even, almost pretty looking? Don’t you agree?

436 would not look as nice.

A quick search on my lovely number provided some ironic tidbits….

There is a CD of music out there based on the number 440. It’s called:

“The 440 Project - Experimental album meditating on the number 440”

And guess who the music label is??

"CD Baby"

I kid you not….this journey is so bizarre

Looks like my stars and numbers have aligned and I will be one of those ultrasound gals Monday morning…send some “eggy” thoughts my way this weekend would ya?


  1. oh Cheryl, I am laughing at the totient comment, like I even know what that is. Hee hee Nerd, we all fit that category.

    And the CD thing...that is so neat, stars and numbers aligned indeed. 440 is a great number, it made me happy to see it yesterday :) Nice and even is good for us accountant types.

    Eggy thoughts are streaming your way at rates of 440 per hour!!!

  2. Kami you ARE the best, thanks for yesterday...I needed that

  3. wish I could have been there is person! Soon!

  4. yay...congrats on the 440! that is great news.

    I also like the way numbers look on paper. For example, I was going to be induced with Ben on July 31/08 (31/07/08)...what an ugly number! However, the hospital was full that day so I ended up getting induced on August 1/08 (01/08/08)...much prettier don't you think?

  5. yeah. i knew when kami said how fabulous you were we could be friends...but you just confirmed it! i have a bachelor of science in computer science with a minor in math. i have to say though, i liked linear algebra and calc 3 the best!

    sending some NERDY eggy thoughts your way! and praying too!!!

  6. woot! 440 IS a nice number even if I have no clue what a nice number WOULD be in your situation.

    good luck today with the ultrasound!