Monday, March 9, 2009

From my follicles to you….

A HUGE Thank you!!!!!

My ovaries must have heard your well wishes loud and clear as they woke up and starting dancing this morning!

Finally, I was an ultrasound patient! It was so exciting that I arranged for Tim to come with me, a nice 8am date, who needs dinner and a movie!

Again my doctor was not present, Mr. “no bedside manner” was back. I was prepared for the pain this time…I had Tim’s hand available for squeezing. Of course the doctor was having none of that loving, comforting, stand-by-my-side behaviour. Instead he handed Tim a pen and paper and ordered” write down what I call out”.

Great….solo again…

At first I did not want to look at the screen, what if nothing showed up, what if my ovaries were still sleeping, or barely awake? The stress was building until I heard him say.

Ah ha, looking good!

What?? Really? And then in slow motion I turned my head, only to see the most beautiful site ….

(Note: These are NOT mine, but it gives an idea of what I saw!! )

Look at those big black pockets! To some they may seem like dark sacs of empty air but to me they represent my future munchkins!!

Each black circle is a follicle in a stimulated ovary. The red cursors outline one mature follicle, which is 17 mm diameter. Most of the mature sized follicles (about 15-20 mm diameter) will usually yield mature eggs at the egg retrieval procedure.

My stats: 9……you heard right……9 follicles, 4 of which were already 15-16mm and the remaining were 13-14. I am a follicle making machine! This explains my discomfort and bloating over the past 3 days…

Time to real it in here…. While I have lots of follicles, who knows what will happen tomorrow. I can let the excitement of the day take over but the truth is nothing is certain. The body is unpredictable. They expect the injections I gave to myself tonight will provide those follicles with the energy needed to sprint to the finish line.

The prize being a scheduled egg retrieval

8AM Tuesday morning…..will I get my prize?


  1. omg, what wonderful news...

    I hope you get what you have been longing for...and pincushioning yourself for...

    YAY, thoughts are with you and your follicles.

  2. I love the site of those dark circles, even if they aren't yours specifically. Hoping, praying, crossing fingers and sending those eggy, mature follicle thoughts to you, always!!!

  3. yeah. that is great news. sending fertile thoughts your way for next tuesday!!!