Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Life as a Pincushion...Part 2

I will keep this post short and sweet….while my optimism is not failing, my energy level feels a bit low, and my comfy bed and good book is calling my name. But I want to keep all my faithful and caring friends & blog followers in touch with the days events!

Almost a week ago I went from one injection a day to 2…you can imagine the bruising I am experiencing…..and to make matters worse the needle for the 2nd injection is slightly thicker than the other needle. The tediousness of doing the injections is starting to wear on me…I MUST be honest.

Oddly, the left side of my stomach does NOT like the thick needle. The right side seems to have higher tolerance for a sharp object being jammed into it, in such an amateurish (is that a word?) way… anyways, I digress..

8AM was bloodwork.

9AM was office time….with a quick coffee pitstop!

12PM was me wondering why the clinic had not called me with my results!

1PM: Clinic called (I forgot they actually DO take a lunch hour break! Do they not understand there are many people sitting by the phone waiting for some good news!)

My news was not so great…but not so bad….this is where my hubby comes in handy…he knows how to broaden my focus, bring me down from the ledge of "overanalyzing"

Tim kept reminding me..."Big Picture, Big Picture, You are only on day 6, most people go at least 8-13 days” He is truly great.

Before an ultrasound can be done to see how the follicles are developing and to determine an egg retrieval day, the estrogen levels in my body must be elevated. Mine were only “slightly” elevated.

“We want to see them much higher Cheryl” was the nurse’s instruction. My fear is that the dosage I am on is not enough, I am on the minimum dosage given there is NOTHING wrong with me, and I am still “young” in invitro terms.

So it looks like there is going to be at least 2 more days of this…

Ummm yeah, check out the size of THAT beastly needle....

Friday I will have more information on my levels…and hopefully this pincushion can retire!


  1. Um, beastly is the right description! YEOUCH! Hang in there, only one more day...I am waiting on pins and needles to hear the news. I have a feeling tomorrow will be better.

    And Tim? You rock!

  2. needles...*feels queasy*
    oh my.

    I feel for you...hugs.