Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Waiting Game

It has been 9 days since they implanted my embryos. That makes them 12 days old since they consider day 1 the date of retrieval.

Am I pregnant?

Who knows!!

Do I think I am?

I sure hope so!

Do I have signs of pregnancy?


Are they similar signs to PMS?

You betcha!!!

Can you sense my frustration?

I spent 3 years thinking every month was potentially “the month”. Tenderness, cramping, back pain, headaches, bloating… all of these were my typical “monthly” signs.

You can imagine why I am having a hard time going there in my mind again. While I feel “different” it could be my uterus and overall body readjusting to the effects of IVF. The meds, the procedures, and the stress have really taken a toll on me.

Secretly, do I hope this time is different? That maybe these really are pregnancy symptoms? ABSOLUTELY.

So here I sit, waiting, working, walking, wondering, but most of all


I know I am not wishing alone……and for that , I think you are all truly....…..



  1. Oh Cheryl, I hope this is true pregnancy symptoms, I'm soooo... praying this all works out for you!!!!
    Thinking of you lots.

  2. Oh Honey.... I am SO wishing, hoping, praying, doing the pregnancy dance JUST FOR YOU. It'll happen.

  3. I can't possibly wish any harder....and I'll keep wishing, hoping, praying and crossing my fingers until it happens. Because it WILL happen.

    I just know it!!!!!

  4. wishin and hopin
    and hopin and wishin


  5. Wishing oh so hard for you Cheryl...