Saturday, March 28, 2009

Something is missing

Things are still looking good over here..... 2 days and counting.

Is it possible that I have been lucky enough to become a mom again? OMG!

Monday is the day....a simple bloodtest and phone call will determine if Tim and I have managed to find what has been missing for the past 3 years.....

The thought of Cole being an only child has been weighing on us for a few years now. Tim and I both have 2 siblings. Tim and his sister are close in age, and my brother and I are close in age. The youngest of the families were not too far behind. Growing up we had a built in playmates (whether we liked it or not!!).

Cole on the other hand, has become very good at playing solo. While Tim and I love to get in there and play a mean round of hide and seek, or run through the sprinkler in the summer….housework, cooking and errands also require some attention. I often hear Cole talking in 2 voices, playing both roles in a transformer battle, or making both moves in a game of trouble. This has always left me with a feeling of guilt. Why on earth can I not give him a sibling!

We have always tried to expose him to other kids - play dates every few weeks, story time at the library, even daycare on Fridays for some socializing….but it is later in life that I worry about. There is something to be said about having a sibling……getting into trouble together, sharing in each others successes and supporting each other in times of hardship. As we grow older, the phone calls become more frequent, the concern for aging parents is shared, and the get-togethers, while fewer, are spent truly enjoying one another.

If Tim and I were only children -Cole would not have any aunts or uncles. This would mean Cole’s kids would not have aunts and uncles. Geez, that only adds to my guilt. Aunts and uncles are important to us. While Tim and I both have some “cooky” aunts and some less involved uncles, we also have some that are wonderful, interesting and funny!.

Cole is lucky to have awesome aunties and uncles. He is loved, spoiled and treated with respect. They WANT to be involved in his life. His energy and endless list of questions never seem to tire them.

This makes us want to have more children.

Scott, Heather & Tim

And this too....

Myself, Cam & Kimberly


  1. that's beautiful...and my fingers (and toes if it helps) are crossed for you all!

  2. That is such a touching post. I always wanted my son to be an only child, but lately I keep thinking, what if I regret it in a few years and it's too late? Having also been a fertility clinic patient, I sometimes wonder if I could give him a sibling. This post is making me think twice again...

    I'm excited for Monday for you!

  3. This touched my heart, as your post always do. Cole will be fine no matter what because he has the greatest parents EVER.

    But he will be an amazing big brother. Amazing.

    Crossing and wishing and hoping and praying....

  4. I know all about the only child thing since I'm one myself. Growing up an only child was great, I had so many experiences and opportunities that wouldn't have happened if I had siblings. However, now that I am older and have my own kids I would love to have siblings. A sister or brother to share my parenting experiences with or to help care for my aging parents (when the day comes). This is why my friends and husband are so important to me! I know my parents feel guilty about never going the fertility route and trying to have more kids. But I have told them that they shouldn't feel guilty...everything is for a reason.

    We are praying for you guys and hope everything works out!!

  5. This was a wonderful post, Cheryl. That was the one thing really, really driving me to go for #2, so that my boy would have a sibling, someone who would "have his back" one day. Not that he wouldn't have turned out any worse, (and currently things are quite trying on the sibling front... the squabbles...ugh). But they both love each other so much, and are really happy to have someone who "gets" where they're coming from. A shared experience, background, which is what I have with my siblings. And my husband has with his.

    I can only see that building better and stronger as they grow as adults. For now, it's worth all the bickering :).

    I'm thinking of you today and keeping my fingers and all else crossed...