Monday, March 2, 2009

Doctors Orders...

Doing daily injections means I have to rest, relax, and by no means do any strenuous activity! Strict orders, and direct from the doctors mouth!


Knowing my passion for fitness, my doctor gave me an exact date on which I was no longer allowed to workout…. at least until my invitro was complete. Not even a walk on the treadmill I asked?

NO! Final answer…..

So I began to think…..a free ticket to relax, sit around reading, watching movies, chatting on the phone???

NOT FOR ME!!! I am known to not sit still. I will create projects for myself if I have to. This will be the toughest thing for me to do!!

To demonstrate:

7 hour adventure race Sept 08.

How about a half marathon?

Monkey Bars at the playground anyone?

The list is endless… me.

As the marriage therapist suggested, I prepared myself for this lull in my daily exercise. My husband is currently at home, being a great Mr. Mom. Since I can’t lift Cole, vacuum, lug groceries …(I know…..what CAN I do was my question too!) I decided after 4 years it may be time to……..

Get back into the office!!!! Where else am I guaranteed to sit all day??

The thought of changing out of my lululemon’s and getting up before 7am made me a bit uneasy. I love my flexible teaching gig on-line from home. Then again, uninterrupted coffee and adult conversations were very appealing! Plus, the firm only needed me for 2 -3 months, busy season at an accounting firm! Never mind the regular, lucrative pay cheque that would come into my bank account. A new roof this summer was a possibility now!

So a week ago I put on my best dress pants and dress shirt and had a fantastic day at the office.
Who knew that giving my body a true break from the daily "pain" I put it through would make me feel stronger and healthier than ever. I AM reading more, I AM actually watching the movie and not cleaning house/watching the movie. And I AM taking time to phone my friends and have a personal conversation with them instead of a quick email. In return, my sleep has improved, the bruises on my belly are healing quickly, and my overall positive attitude has taken even ME by surprise!

This is exactly what I needed. This is exactly what my body needed....


  1. Whew! Glad to hear you are finding the silver lining in this, I figured it might be kind of a switch for you :)

    And now I want to go back to work too...

  2. sometimes we all need to slow down, see the finer things in life. :D


  3. wow. you are really taking the doctor's orders and embracing them! good for you! and yeah for a good paycheck in this economy!

  4. i don't know what i would do if i couldn't work out, i'm so addicted to it!! good for you to get out there and take your mind off things!

  5. Your optimism is just oozing out of this post; I think actually getting out there, changing your routine up a bit may help your entire process, destress, all that great stuff!