Wednesday, April 1, 2009

44 weeks pregnant...????

We are still on cloud nine since receiving the great news on Monday.

One problem.....the due date..

January 3rd would result in a 44 week pregnancy.....umm yeah NO THANKS!

Cole was 2 weeks late and that was tough enough! No woman should be pregnant for 44 weeks. I figured the nurse, in her excitement gave me wrong information.

She did confirm that on Monday I was 4 weeks pregnant.

So a little calc on an on-line IVF calculator gave me a MUCH better due date

December 3rd, 2009.

Just so happens that that day is also the birthday of this amazing person.....

My younger sister Kimberly......

A quick phone call to her to share the good news and her reaction was exactly as I would expect from her....

"I...(hyperventilate) would.....(oh my god) LOVE that!!!!"
On she went about how she would like nothing better than to be at the hospital on her birthday, or helping with Cole.... typical from her.

I am so lucky.


  1. awwww....I was hoping it was January since Caleb's bday is Jan. 4! However, being preggers an extra month would really SUCK! Hope you are feeling good.

  2. what a great sister! i'm with you on the 44 weeks ~ i went 41.5 weeks and then was induced and that was enough, thank you very much!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!! That's fantastic! Better than December 24th.

  4. could you two be anymore beautiful?

    YAY...again CONGRATS!!!!

  5. THAT is cool!

    44 weeks, NOT cool.


  6. I hope that they will indeed share birthdays!

    The baby will come when the baby will come... I knew the EXACT date of conception for both kids, but both came a month early. Yup, 36 weeks.

    My daughter, though, shares a birthday with her cousin, so we were able to phone and tell her about the extra special birthday present!

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