Sunday, April 26, 2009

OMG – It’s Twins!!! YEAH!!! - A Guest Post

My sister-in-law asked if she could guest post on my blog and I am more than happy to oblige! It's always nice to hear how others are feeling towards special events in your life. Thanks for sharing Heather!

OMG – It’s Twins!!! YEAH!!! That would be the thought that ran through my head for at least the first 24 hours after talking to Cheryl and getting the news. I think twins are pretty much the coolest thing ever…and before you judge just remember…I don’t have any kids. I haven’t had the experience of being up all night with a baby, going weeks without sleep (unless it for some really good parties) changing poopy diapers, dealing with crying for hours…not to mention where they come out of….ouch! I’ve never done any of that with one baby, let alone two.

To me, twins mean twice as cute, twice as cuddly, and twice as many fun presents that you can buy. Yes, that’s right – I am an Auntie…not a Mommy – twins mean so many different things.

So I immediately switched into shopping mode and headed down to Crocodile on West 4th in Van couver . A very trendy little baby store where onesies costs as much as a manicure/pedicure at the nail salon across the street. The kind of place where you go when you are either really loaded (which I’m not) or are shopping for gifts. The beauty of not having to budget on a lifetime of clothes, food, and education means that you are free to spend more on a single purchase! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal and mostly buy things on sale…I am from Winnipeg after all and we are all bargain hunters….but you can get some great ideas at Crocodile and then go look for them on Craigslist.

So Crocodile has the cutest double stroller with these adorable bassinets! You can’t walk by without looking at it, even if you aren’t expecting twins or don’t know anyone who is expecting twins. So upon learning that twins are the on way, I decided that the Double Mountain Buggy with the 50’s Style Bassinets was PERFECT!

Then I started reading up on twin strollers and thinking about how Cheryl would actually use the stroller. So it’s Winnipeg and you won’t be going outside for a stroll with these cute little bassinets in the middle of the winter. And by the time summer comes around, you won’t really need these absolutely adorable bassinets.

Ok, so the bassinets are out….the double mountain buggy is still a useful stroller. I see people using them all the time in Van couver . Oh wait, they are all out walking, they didn’t have to get in their car, transfer two babies into car seats – potentially waking them up – and then transfer them back into the buggy at the walking destination. And you can’t attach two car seat holders to the mountain buggy….DAMN! All of a sudden this is much more challenging than I thought.

Yes, twins are going to be cute and fun and cuddly, but I bet they are also going to be a lot of work. The best idea might be to get something that will make Tim & Cheryl’s life as easy as possible….and maybe I should consult my sister-in-law, who is very knowledgeable, about the kind of stroller that she would like, rather than the kind that I think is cutest.

Lesson learned….maybe the parents will know best what they need for their new lives with the twins. Best to get a list from Cheryl….but then again you can’t really go wrong with clothes and toys, can you? Crocodile…here I come!


  1. Heather, this is great! It is hard to figure out will work best and you know what? As always, hindsight it 20/20 :)

    The buggy stroller is cute, I would want it too! Well, if I lived in Vancouver anyway :)

  2. Right, I suggest Cheryl get in with some twin mommies and find out what they REALLY needed and was not really needed. :)

    Twins are SOOO fun as long as they aren't mine. :) ;)

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  4. Great guest post! I love that bassinett stroller, but agree it is not all that practical. For us 2 strollers have come in handy. The front to back one so that the car seats can clip into it for when they are infants was a life saver, or more like a back saver ;-)

    Now that they are bigger they do not like sitting in the front to back one we still use it if they are sleeping in the buckets. They prefer to be side by side so they can reach out and hold hands (awwwww) and lets face it in the front to back one of them was blocking the others view, not cool at all. It is handy for trips to the mall or for traveling because it folds up nice. I think we are going to get a unbrella stroller in the next few months for these exact purposes. Which will make our front to back travel system and car seats for sale(if you are interested lol)

    I found this one and LOVE it.

    It is a jogging stroller and while not as nice as some of the other jogging strollers the price was right, it also fits through the doors at the mall. The best part is it folds up with just the push of a button, other jogging strollers require you to remove the wheels inorder for them to fit

    ok this is turning out to be a novel. Have fun shopping. It is doubly expensive but also doubly fun!!

    You had asked about when we found out the sexes it was around 21 weeks, but I was already 20 weeks when we found out it was even twins!

  5. great guest post! and i say wait until they give those babies names and then go overboard with the personalized goodies from their auntie! my aunt used to give me handmade items that she sowed a tag on that said "made by your favorite aunt". i still treasure those things!

  6. Thanks everyone for fantastic tips!!

  7. Here's my tip,,,, front/back stroller was great for only about 3-6mths, once i started putting my boys in the stroller without the car seat THEY HATED IT... AND TRUST ME it's hard to keep babies in their car seats in a mall or anywhere past 6mths for long... sooooooooooo if I were to do it again, i would just buy your car seats and purchase the car seat stroller fr. toys r us (the double one) it's only a bit over $100 bucks use it for a few mths, sell it at the multiples garage sale next spring 2010, by then you can purchase a double jogger for the spring/summer and enjoy the outdoors and the mall.. I love my new jogging stroller, I bought a double side/side jogging stroller and my boys LOVE IT, they hold hands,giggle, pull eachothers soothers, and of course pull eachothers hair and cry, but overall it's all geat. much better then front /back. If you wanna spend $600 plus go for the double bob at mountain equip... or if you want a lower price $300 at costco, go for the instep safari, that's the one I got and it's awesome, fits through doorways, easy to fold.. it's been great.. anyways,if you need any more advice, I;m here for you, been through it and I know it's soooooooo confusing what to buy for 2 all the time :)