Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sooooo over it

Remember how excited I was to get back to the office?

Yeah, those days of hanging out chatting, having coffee and lunch, only working 3 days a week have run its course. I desperately want it to be over. I miss my life at home with Cole. I miss the flexibility to work a few hours and then run errands, play with Cole, have a nap (hee hee) if I want. I miss my lululemon pants!!!

For some reason there is an office policy….no napping at work. Trust me, there have been moments these past few weeks where I have shut my office door and closed my eyes. I gave the lady in the office next to me heads up to come knock on my door if it gets too quiet.

Here is the problem, and forgive me for venting but I must..

1. I have gone from 3 days a week to 5 days a week for the past 3 weeks. Typical of a CA firm, my staff magically disappeared onto other jobs and I am stuck holding the fort.

2. When I signed on for this, they said max 2 months, 3 days a week. Therefore I supplemented by continuing to teach a course on line from home for 10 hours a week. Now I am told this office job could run into June. NO THANKS

3. I am 6 weeks pregnant and tired. Known fact! Please do not tell me how tired I look. How my eyes look like two little pinholes. How about telling me to take a day off; that the job can manage for one day without me!

4. Do not look at me with shock in your eyes when I say I am not in the office Friday……it’s Good Friday! Yes I WILL be at home with my family. Deal with it.

5. Pay me please….. Receiving one cheque since Feb 20th is absurd. I need to see some cash for these hours I’m putting in and then maybe I’ll hush up.

So there you have it, my rant for the week and it’s only Tuesday.

This “going back to the office” has only made me realize 150% how happy I am as a stay at home mom, making some income when I can, but mostly when I WANT to. The days may be long and sometimes the job is “frustrating” but at least it’s under my terms. Being in the office makes me realize…

There’s no place like home.


  1. Hi

    That's good to hear. It's funny how we always seem to want what we don't have. Thanks for helping me know that I am making the right choice by being home with the boys 85% of the time. Some days it's not easy but it's definitely worth it when they come give you those big hugs and say "Good night Mommy, Luv You".


  2. Hear hear!

    Besides I miss our back and forth all day long too :) I hope it's over soon and you can get some well deserved rest!

  3. I have some frustrating days at home but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I guess we don't realize how great it is until we venture out of the home.
    And the naps....oh the naps when you are pregnant feel so good. I hope you can enjoy them soon!

  4. I have the same sort of set-up ~ I let my office know when I'm available to work and if they have work for me, great; if not, oh, well, I get to spend time at home with my husband and toddler!

    But I do feel bad for accountants at tax time :(

  5. Oh Cheryl - I love your rant. And there is definitely something to be said for lululemons and napping...and you don't have to be a mom to love having them as part of your day!

  6. Cheryl, you make me laugh... actually it's funny b/c today I was telling George how much I'm looking forward to going back to work... it's soooooooooooo exhausting being at home, but after reading you're blog, my goodness you are right, being at home is under our own terms.. other then my fussy Michael who is teething bad, but it's just a phase RIGHT!!! :") anyways, enough about me, please take it easy Cheryl, this is wayyyyyyyyyy too much for you to handle right now, being pregnat alone is 100% tiring and if it's twins you're doubly tired, I REMEMBER How a nap at my desk was my daily routine (of course now one saw me haha)... anyways, hope you can bring you days down soon, going to June like this isn't good. You need to relax, let those babies grow big and strong :) Love U if you need anything let me know