Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear old friend...

Yup, that would be my treadmill, how I have missed you these past 5 weeks.
I knew I had to stop working out on Feb 25th, the day my injections started for invitro. That morning, I got on the treadmill in our basement for one last hurrah...
15 minutes in and I was feeling shocks racing through my body with each step. What the ?????? Then like "it' knew, my trusty old friend shut down....completely. I guess a tune up in 5 years would have been a good idea no??
It's as if my treadmill broke down so I would have NO URGE to get on it while I was busy with invitro. Too ironic. The parts came a week ago, and with the docs permission and sign off, I have been making my way slowly back onto this fantastic machine. If you do not own one and are looking to invest in some exercise equipment, THIS IS IT!
So far my blog has been about invitro, and I will continue talking about my pregnancy (knock on wood). But....I have lots to say and offer on the fitness side of life. I am fanatic about working out, trying new things, and staying healthy. I'm hoping I will be able to remain fit and healthy during pregnancy, but chances are I will need some motivation.
This is where you all come in.....why not tag along with me!!! My workouts can be upgraded to accomodate all levels of fitness!
Tonight, I am doing Phone Number Cardio on my treadmill (walking version for me!)
If so, give me a comment below and I will make it my friday thang.....
Have you done your cardio today?


  1. I love running too, and I so miss my treadmill. Well, I REALLY miss my runs outside. With my last pregnancy I was able to keep running up until I was 7 months pregnant. But I had been so sick with this one, and then my knee gave out again. It is just one thing after another. I guess I'll have to wait until after the baby comes to get back into running hardcore again. But I'll gladly listen to you talk about running!

    By the way, I'm new to your blog and I love it. And congrats on your pregnancy! :)

  2. Yay, so glad you can get back to it, I know you have missed it. You know you motivate me all the time so I am happy to play along with you.

    What's a telephone number cardio? I am game!

  3. I love fitness too as well as healthy living. I'm always up for new ideas! Count me in.
    When I was pregnant with Ben I wanted to stay fit. I ran on the treadmill until I was 5 months along then I walked on an incline for 30 mins. I alternated that with weights. I felt great during the whole pregnancy and I attribute it to keeping fit!

  4. Oh you know that I am excited to hear all about your fitness regime. Count me in! I will motivate you and you can motivate me. Blog on!

  5. Hey Cheryl

    That is too funny about the treadmill. I am definitely in for some different workouts. So I'd love to join in from here.

    Hope you are feeling well!


  6. i can't wait to see what all i can learn from you!!! i have only been working out for a year now so there is lots that i can learn! keep the info coming!