Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring to the park for a workout!

Spring is here!!! I hope......

Here is the park behind our house...

Notice how kids are not afraid of some snow and water? Why are we, as adults, so paranoid of getting dirty? Put on your grubby runners and be a kid again, think of the great hot shower you can have afterwards.

Warm up by walking or jogging for 20 minutes Cole biked next to me while I jogged around the neighborhood.

Segment 1:

50 toe taps on a step about 8 inches high

10 pushups on the end of a slide

15 pull ups under the swing (see picture, on an incline, grab sides of the swing and extend arms straight and then squeezing your back pull body towards the swing)

Repeat 3x

Segment 2:

Step ups 10x on right

Squat jumps on one leg, 10x each leg

Repeat 4x alternating lead legs on the step ups

Segment 3:

Tricep Dips off any edge (I used the end of the slide)

Feet together, Squat down with butt touching feet and stand up and squeeze legs and butt

Jog a quick lap around play area


Segment 4:

10 tricep pushups on end of slide (elbows close in to sides to really hit the back of the arms)

20 jumps ups on sidewalk step - about 8 inches high

Jog a quick lap around play area

Repeat 3x

Finish with a 10 minute walk
Happy Easter, enjoy a chocolate treat IF you get in your workout!


  1. That looks like fun! Now I feel guilty about my bacon last night...definitely doing my phone cardio tonight :)

    Thanks for sharing, I am going to do this with the kids!