Thursday, April 16, 2009

From 3 to 5...

Today was ultrasound day. 7 weeks pregnant.


Yes you read right. Our two little embryos decided to make themselves right at home.

The sight of those two tiny heartbeats in 2 separate sacs will stay with us forever. Both Tim and I got teary, and although we knew it was a possibility, we never thought twins may actually become a reality.

I've had normal pregnancy symptoms these past few weeks; tired, tired, tired, and some night nausea but nothing more than I felt with Cole. Secretly I hoped that I would be lucky enough to experience twins, and I have always wanted 3 children. The family is beyond excited but very cautious. I am still in the early stages and although the miscarriage rate is quite low for IVF at this stage, it is still a concern and I respect their reservations.

I cannot reserve my emotions..... so I say YES YES YES, we did it, we really did it!!!!!!!

Ok, so beyond my excitement comes a real sense of fear.

Two babies in one belly. Can I do this, will they be healthy, will I be ok? Tim will be 3 months into a new job, articling at a CA firm and working alot of hours. Cole will have to adjust to 2 babies, his 5 year reign of the castle will end.. will I be strong enough to handle all that comes with twins?

I am open to any comments, websites, support you can offer. Let me learn from you or anyone you know who has multiples. I am new to this and for someone like me, that creates anxiety.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, it was well worth every ache and pain, heck we got 2 for the price of 1 here! A true Winnipeg deal!

In all seriousness, those who know Tim and I can attest that we have longed to be parents again for 3 years. THANK YOU (you know who up there) for making our dreams a reality.


  1. I am so excited for you guys! I just knew this was all going to work out, I just did! Okay maybe not but I sure wished it really hard :)

    You will be fine. I know this because you are strong, determined and know how to multitask. As you know, my friend has twins and she amazes me with what she can get accomplished in a day! I think it's all about adapting but I do know that she had all the same fears you will have too. She blogs too:

    And she is part of a multiples mom's group. It's good to talk to others going through it.


    and many prayers that you will have a safe, uneventful pregnancy that results in two healthy, beautiful babies!!!!

  2. I'm of absolutely no help in that area. (Can't remember if I've commented before, but been following for a while, via Angella)

    I know there are many MANY blogs out there of mothers of twins though! Definitely a resourse.

  3. YAY....that is great news! I'm so happy for you guys. My advice...lots of help. Even though I don't have twins, they may as well be since they are so close in age. I thought I could handle it by myself but after a while I realized I needed all the help I can get (without feeling guilty)!

  4. so happy for you guys! twins are so exciting! i have no motherly adivce...but as an aunt of twins...i am glad you are high-energy because so are they! in all seriousness, all the best to you, tim, cole and baby A and B!

  5. Congratulations! I can't wait to keeping reading about your "adventure"!

  6. Congratulations! We am just starting our first active cycle of IVF (and we have a 3 year old son already, conceived naturally), so reading about your story is truly inspiring and keeps me optimistic! Thank you so much for publishing your journey! I wish you the best of luck!

  7. TWINS!!!!! Oh, Cheryl, I am so thrilled for you!!!
    That was something we had to prepare ourselves for as well, and it would have been fun, I think, if it had happened.
    I think Cole will be an awesome big brother... at 5 he will be more than up the the challenge. It's one of the good things about having a bigger break between kids.

  8. OMG!!!!! We are soooo happy for you and Tim! How exciting! We are thinking good and happy thoughts from Calgary and looking forward to hearing all about it! Hugs! And, yes, you can do it Cheryl, you'll be great!

  9. congratulations!
    now get as much sleep as you possibly can.

  10. Congrats Cheryl!! I was so thrilled when Kami told me your fantastic news. To answer your question YES you can do it!! I too had the same fears and would be more than happy to chat with you my e-mail is I am also re-living my journey with twins on my blog as I had no time to blog about it when I was pregnant(I seriously regret this by the way) so you can follow along and see the good, the bad and the lovely to having twins.

    Congrats again!

  11. I cannot think of any thing more heavenly right now than TWINS. Best wishes for you, sweet friend....

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you guys. You should have no doubt in your mind that you will absolutely do a fantastic job.

  13. Wow, Cheryl, I am sooo excited for you. I too have been through it, and as hard as some days were, I know you can do it. If I could, so can you. You have so much energy and such a love for life and kids, you will do great! I will be here anytime you need any advice or just to vent with someone who has been through it. I would trade my family for anything else in the world, even with my four crazy kids, but it is so worthwhile and rewarding. The best advice I can give you is to take all the help you can get, and during your pregnancy, do whatever the doctor says, whatever you can do to avoid preemies like mine. And don't EVER doubt yourself! God only give us what we can handle, and I know you will do great! Call me anytime! I'll send you a list of companies that also offer great freebies for multiples, and also an amazing nursing pillow website if you plan to nurse them. I nursed mine for 11 months, all because of that pillow! Congrats Cheryl, Tim and Cole!!!!

  14. OH CHeryl, I'm so so so so excited for you. Hey If I can do it with Twins, you can do it no prob. And Cole will be your little helper :) Of course me with the twins is the last to find out b/c they've been keeping me sooo busy from reading your recent blogs. Can't wait to see you in person to give you a BIG HUG... my boys can't wait to see you too. Take it easy and I will give you all the advice/help you need. I've just been through it all:)

  15. i am so excited for you and so glad that my google reader finally cooperated with me and let me link to your blog!!!!!!! so CONGRATS! i am praying for healthy mom and babies!