Friday, April 24, 2009

Sugar Traps

Let me start off by saying I am not a nutritionist or a doctor or anything health field related. What I do know is what has worked for me. Plain and simple.

Let's talk SUGAR!

We are so used to counting calories, fat, carbs and protein that many of us forget that other line on the label.....the sugar line. Sugar can hinder your weight loss progress if eaten in excess. For me, watching my sugar intake has helped me choose better, more natural and wholesome foods that provide me with sustained energy all day long.

I recently read that in general, sugar should only equate to 10% of your daily intake. This means on a 2,000 calorie diet, 200 calories or 50 grams should come from sugar. Seems like alot but hidden sugars are everywhere.

A nature valley granola bar has 11 grams of sugar in it
A bowl of raisin bran has 20 grams
A large slurpee has 90 grams!!!!! (Bobbi that is for you!)
1 serving of Activia yogurt has 13 grams...

Can you see how this can add up quickly. So let's try and be more conscious of that sugar line.

Onto this weeks workout challenge for you. I presented the phone number cardio to those interested a few weeks ago. I got a great response from those who tried it. Great job!! You must challenge your body to see any progress.

This week let's try the birthday challenge: Pick out 3 birthdays; you can do mine, your own and your hubby/boyfriend/friend. I will follow the same format as the phone cardio, with a couple changes for extra spice! I also suggest walking for 2 minutes after birthday #1, then jog for 5 mins before the next one. So here is an example:

0 = toe taps off the treadmill or stairs (if close to your treadmill)
1 = jump squats beside the treadmill
2 = lunges on or off the treadmill
3 = run backwards on the treadmill (be sure to hold on if you are new at this, set the speed slow if you have never done this! If you are good at it, pump up that incline and speed and go!)
4 - 9 = run or walk according to the miles per hour (4= 4 miles per hour speed on the treadmill)

My birthday is: 12201973
1 min of jump squats, 2 minutes of lunges, 1 minute of toe taps, 1 minute of jump squats, 1 minute run at 9mph, 1 minute run at 7 miles and hour, 1 minute run backwards on treadmill
Then walk at 3.7mph for 2 mins and jog at 5.0mph for 5 mins. Now start with your 2nd birthday and then 3rd. Cool down with a 5 min walk and 10 minute stretch.

Good luck, give me some feedback by leaving a comment once you have tried it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good tip about the sugar. What are some of your favorite snacks/foods with low sugar content?

    I still haven't tried the cardio yet...I'm chicken:) I'll have to do it next week as I'm feeling up for the challenge!

  2. So my chocolate easter eggs are probably not a good choice then? ;) Hee hee, I know, everything in moderation!

    This looks like a great workout, I know I liked the phone number one though I will avoid any phone numbers with may be called hauling @ss but this @ss couldn't do it!


  3. Jen, apples, any berries, greek yogurt is low in sugar, try and keep a 5g and under rule and you will see how hard it is!

    Kami, you know you can haul some butt, try it, even ifit is for 10 seconds, you MUST push it!

  4. i just saw a special on the news where a dietitian said that no one should be eating cereal where the sugar grams are higher than the fiber grams! i think that is a great tip!

    oh and my husband's birthday is 12/20 too!

    keep the food and exercise tips coming... i really enjoy them!

  5. have you ever read the nutritional info on a carton of skim milk? 13 grams of sugar in only 250mL of SKIM milk!!! (my diabetic friend gave me that tidbit)

  6. Oh Cheryl, did you have to tell me about the slupree? LOL