Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I admit it, I have been SLACK on my blog.

I am very sorry...

I have a list of excuses, none of which are very interesting. I am mostly working and sleeping and running to the washroom every few minutes.......I missed posting on fitness friday, so I will ensure I get a great workout to you this friday!

Let me bring you all up to date as these babies have rocked our world and lots has changed!

I am back to 3 days a week at work and my online teaching contract has wrapped up and the next one does not start until May 3rd! I could not physically continue to work 5 days a week AND put in another 10 from home. It was killing me and making me one grumpy mommy and wife.

In light of 2 babies arriving, my hubby has postponed starting a new job articling for a CA firm come September. Those who know the CA program would agree this is a wise decision. Even under the best circumstances getting through the work and courses is a nightmare. I do not want Tim to ever feel pressured or fail because he has taken on too much.

Therefore, Tim has accepted a job with his old employer Daimler Chrysler (I know, not the best time to get into the car company). This is a job that is FROM HOME!! Starts Monday, pays well and allows him a free car, insurance, gas, phone etc.... It was as if fate stepped in and saved us from this money pit we have accumulated these past 2 years with Tim at school and me trying to work and take care of Cole.

So in light of some steady money arriving into our bank accounts, we have decided to tackle some home renos. On the list is a much needed roof, new siding, soffets & fascia as well as porcelain tile on the main floor bath, laundry hall and front entrance. I will post some before and after pics once we get started!

Is this the start of some nesting??? I feel rejuvenated and excited.


  1. Congratulations to Tim on the job! It sounds like a great decision to me :)

    Home renos and nesting, fun! Look forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. BEST OF LUCK on all of the changes...hope it all works out for the best!

  3. you guys ever rest?? I guess you are preparing for life with twins!!
    Good old Mark and Tim will have more stories to share!

  4. Sounds like a total house overhaul! I remember after we found out about our twins one of the first things we did was made a list........a long list of all nthings that needed to get done. I think the nesting instinct doubles with two ;-)

    Congrats on the job, sounds like the perfect arrangement

  5. wow. that is really a lot of changes and i can see why a bloggy break is/was in order! can't wait to see some pictures.