Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to work I go

On Monday I take on yet another role....working mom.

I teach online courses for the CA School of Business. I've been doing this since Cole was born so that I could stay home and still make some money. In October I took some time off to enjoy the final stages of pregnancy and the first few months with the twins...

That was tough. I enjoy being super duper busy...I love my job AND the money it brings in. Mr. Taxman likes us self employed people!!!

I am thankful I did take the time off as Tim and I have managed to sleep train the boys at night and the naps are coming into place nicely. This is critical as I mark papers during nap time and I teach at 9pm each week. Kyle has grown out of his fussy (ahemm colic) stage and he has finally found his smiles. I feel at peace knowing both babies seem to be happy now!

I will miss my free weekends. My job is weekend heavy as student papers come in on Friday and must be returned by Monday. Most evenings Tim will see my nose buried in an accounting or tax manual, a burrowed brow (alot changes in accounting in a few months!) and the clicking of keyboard keys.

BUT, this gal is once again contributing to the family income. This gal can go shopping once again and NOT put it on credit....maybe this gal should pay off the credit card first...

Cole loves when I work...he has his own laptop and plays on his sites... We've done this together since he was old enough to maneuver the mouse and some of his favorite sites include:

Wish me luck! Time management is my forte, I'll be just fine!


  1. You will! I am looking forward to starting up again, I like the change. We'll be burrowed brow together!

  2. Good luck with it! I'm sure it will feel nice to have some "normalcy" back in your life, not just babies, babies, babies!

    I'll have to check out those websites for Caleb. We have yet to show him the computer!

  3. That is great. I know that it's a constant stuggle between work and family but I totally agree that it's nice to have some spending cash. Plus spending some time without the kids is a nice little break. Funny how work becomes a break :)