Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What makes my life easier

There are certain things in my life that simply MAKE LIFE EASIER

These are materialistic things...I'm not talking Tim (he's a given....) or baby swings (of course those make life easier!), Lululemon Still Pants (I have 5 pairs and I rotate them daily...it's my mommy wardrobe and I love it) I'm talkin simple gadgets or things you have that you cannot do without. The items that stand the test of time...day in and day out...

Here are my top 3 items...I use them daily. Sometimes several times a day. When they break, I replace them immediately. They make me smile..they complete me...

1. My coffee maker(s) and to-go cup. Yes I AM addicted to coffee, and I like variety. When I work I make a pot in my cuisinart grind 'n brew. So many coffee beans...so little time. When I need a bit of sweetness I make a chai latte or cappuccino in my Bosch Tassimo. My "it's not a take out cup" was Tim's solution to my odd behavior of reusing Tim Hortons take out cups.

2. My egg timer.
You put this little guy in your water and a dark line results at soft and then grows to medium and then the entire egg is one dark blob when the egg is hard. Yes I could simply set the micro timer for 5 minutes..but this is more fun. I have had this for years and I use it everyday...I like my eggs done between med and hard and this gadget tells me exactly when that happens! Admit it, a watery egg (unless you roll like that) is a huge letdown.

3. My home gym...
Cole took this picture as I was finishing my workout yesterday...See my well positioned treadmill in front on the TV? I PVR and run like a mad woman! My exercise ball, nautilus weight machine and rack of dumbbells keep me sane. I can escape to the basement and crank the tunes (my IPOD was a close one in this list..kinda go hand in hand as I cannot workout without music!)

So tell me, what are the three items/gadgets you cannot live without?


  1. I want your home gym!!! Oh my gosh, that is amazing. I want to go there! And I want your Lululemon pants, too. I want, I want, I want!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. Hmmmm...only 3? HAHA. Okay, besides Lululemon and Nibs...
    1. My cookbooks! I love them. I love looking through them for new recipes. I just went out and bought another one today. I love to cook. Addicted.
    2. My home gym too! I love having a place to workout. Weights, treadmill, bench, DVD's, TV, music. I use it everyday.
    3. Earplugs. I wear them at night. They really help me sleep better. I don't get woken up by Mark's snoring! Of course I can still hear the boys if they wake up but I couldn't sleep without the plugs!

  3. oh boy three "gadgets"

    I love the computer..but don't have one at home.
    I love my dvr...lots oh tv to record and watch.

    lastly...um...my cell phone I guess...especially now that I have texting on my plan! woot!

  4. i love my cell...i don't leave home without it. I love to talk on it. I love to text on it. I like to know how everyone is doing during the day, and what others are up to.

    I love my tims in the morning. My friend picks it up for me every morning. I love her for it!

    I am starting to love my treadmill. I can't live without it, because I need it to make changes!

  5. You look amazing girl! *catcalls*

    I want that egg timer!

    Three things I can't live without?

    1. my treadmill - we are working on the home gym but it's got a long way to go to be as awesome as yours.

    2. my hair products, because how can a day be good with bad hair?

    3. my coffee pot, the one that I have a love hate relationship with. It's currently banished to the basement but as soon as I start another round of "meds", it comes back up for daily afternoon pots of goodness.

  6. 1. coffee maker
    2. ipod touch
    3. PVR