Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fitness Friday..a tad late

I haven't posted a fitness friday in a while. My bad. Here's where I'm at.

  • Officially pre-baby!
  • Body fat is 16.8% now, down from 23% 8 weeks ago
  • I've lost a total of 8 inches (3 being from my waist alone)
12 weeks post babies and I'm proud to say I feel like "me" again. I have alot more work to do but I'm at a great place and ready to jump into my next adventure....see below!

Workouts have been consistent, 4-6 days of cardio, 3 of which are running, including one long run a week. Yesterday I cranked out 6 miles (thanks to a new episode of the Housewives of the OC).

If you only do cardio, try and add in some resistance training. The more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. Keep in mind that muscle does weigh more then fat take that scale number with a grain of salt.

My next adventure will be in homage to Earth Day...why not combine a little fitness! 2 years ago I finished a 7 hour adventure race called Swamp Donkey. It was amazing and YES I will be back again this fall (although the course has been extended to 9-10 hours...).....

Trust me to convince 3 others to do the Eco-Adventure Race at the Fort Whyte Centre here in Winnipeg late April. It's an intense 42-kilometre urban race combining popular methods of people-powered transportation such as canoes, kayaks, bikes and blades....

Aren't you glad you don't live near me? My friends honestly have no chance...I make it seem like the MOST fun thing they will ever do! Funny they never seem to say no??

If this mom of 3 can find time to train, I expect everyone to make time for themselves each and everyday to stay fit and healthy..and try new things! Push your limits!

Will keep you posted on my training for this event, I see some canoe portaging in my future, a few trail rides and I need to dust off my rollerblades!

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  1. You are kicking some butt girl! I can't keep up to that 16% body fat, no way.

    Enjoy the eco challenge, it sounds like fun!