Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The one-upper

The one-upper...

You know who that is...we all have one in our lives. The person who can always "one-up" whatever you are talking about or doing.

I was in the presence of my one-upper last night. I did not expect to see the one-upper last night..but life throws curve balls here in our small city of 600,000 people.

I was having a fantastic evening, chatting with good friends about crazy "adult" topics when the one-upper arrived. Maybe she would sit with someone else?

Heck no, one-upping is more fun with Cheryl as you can likely see the irritation in my body language. As expected the conversation turned...

Me: We may move houses again, you know me, I like to move! 5 houses in 10 yrs
One-upper: We've moved 6 times so far and I finally said no more moving!
Me: My weight loss is going well, I am down 12 pounds so far
One-upper: I lost 13 pounds last year
Me: the twins are sleeping well, I would say they are sleeping through the night now
One-upper: my kids slept through the night at 5 weeks
Me: I may need a tummy tuck after having these 2 babes!
On-upper: I had no stretch marks with my kids.

Note to one-upper: I did not say anything about stretch marks, I have none either....so there! PS: and if I get a tummy tuck, I am one-up on you for sure!!!!
PPS: I am not really in the market for a tummy tuck, but it made for a good girly topic with another mom. Laser surgery for some loose skin maybe...

Do one-uppers know what they're doing? Are they secretly so insecure that they need to have the best story and final say in every conversation? Did their parents not listen to them as children and teach them that talking ONLY about yourself is not the best way to make friends? Why does this type of behavior annoy me so very very much?

I went from being in my happy place with friends, a coffee and occupied kiddies...to anxious, irritable and down right negative. Even Tim was irritated...which almost NEVER happens.

I would like to think that running into my one-upper will not happen again anytime soon. I would be dreaming as this activity we were at will last another 4 weeks. I am GUARANTEED to have to listen to bigger and better stories...

Is there a remedy for this behaviour? Something I can politely do or say? Knowing me, I will sit and listen and nod and smile and then VENT the whole way home...I hope Tim's ear is ready.


  1. I have a one upper "friend" to and sometimes I just want to tell her to suck it.

  2. Hmm, that would be annoying! Too bad she likes to show up randomly. I don't know if I have ever experienced this so I have no advice. I am going to watch out that I don't do the same thing though! It's good to see another perspective :)

  3. I loathe the one-uppers! LOATHE. My old boss was one of them. So annoying. The only thing you can do is just think of an excuse to get away from them...easier said than done sometimes!
    Ohhhh, laser surgery for loose skin removal?? Sign me up!

  4. i'm just glad it wasn't me that ran into last night!!!! hahaha. I work with a one-upper. She sits with me at least 3 times a week at lunch. I am in some PD with her. I cant stand it! I purposely talk about myself WAY more than I should...but I love it...it shuts her up!

  5. Next time she says she did anything better than you, ask her if she pushed twins out her yoohoo naturally? I don't care what she's good at, she hasn't done that!

    Seriously, i hate people like that!

    Or next time she one-ups maybe say "I am sure glad I'm not in competition with you, it sounds like you have a perfect life"

  6. Thanks for all the comments on my blog! I cannot believe it is happening so fast!!

    Have a great day!! :)

  7. I cannot STAND the one-uppers! I can SO relate to this post. What is wrong with these people?

    p.s. is it just me or does "The One Upper" kinda sound like an SNL skit, like Debbie Downer? HA!

  8. Your post made me realize something I totally forgot yesterday on mine-- have you seen the SNL skit with the one-upper? I think it was from about 2-3 years ago, but YouTube it if you have time. It was hilarious and DEAD ON.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  9. right now i am living with the "always right man" and the "you never told me that woman". And they both have a case of the one upper!