Monday, February 8, 2010

Twins and lessons learned..

12 weeks in and I think I may have learned a thing or two from these guys...

  • Twins and type A personalities like "moi" are a bit like oil and water...I often ask Tim "why won't they nap at the SAME time?" "Why is Kyle so fussy and Luke is not?" " I don't remember Cole acting like this?" "The Happiest Baby on the Block book says..."
  • Yes they do wake each other up when they cry...hence why Kyle is napping in his crib right now and Luke is in the some point I will bite the bullet and have both nap in their some point...for now I am simply happy that both are napping AT THE SAME TIME!
  • People do say the oddest things when they see us. My favorite last night was " Are they actually yours" .....pardon? Yes, I did spend 10 hours in labor and push two 6 pounders out of my you know what...
  • I am actually able to venture to the mall with all three boys. Frigid temperatures have made me a bit stir crazy inside the house. If one twin gets fussy I use my baby bjorn thingy, push the stroller and chat with Cole... we are quite the sight but who cares, staying inside the house is NOT an option for this gal.
  • The twins like watching me run. Our basement is a playroom extravaganza. Playmats, vibrating chairs, swings..the movement of me running on the treadmill will keep them entertained for a good hour...I side shuffle and sing to them, I run backwards and make funny faces at CAN workout and have the babies close by.....who knew?
  • The diaper changes and feedings are not nearly as bad and expensive as I thought they would be. We have yet to buy any diapers thanks to my dad...everytime he heads to Superstore he shows up with a box of diapers for us...the formula is pricey....thanks to these two and their "Sensitive" digestive systems..a $30 tub lasts all of 4 days around here.
  • I hate sleep training twice as much as I hated it with Cole...we started to let them "cry it out" at bedtime a few weeks ago and 80% of the time the crying now last ten minutes or bed at 7:30, feeding at midnight and then sleep until 6:30 or 7...BUT...when a night like last night happens and the crying lasts on and off for 2 hours...tag teaming between the two rooms, I was sick to my stomach...I had a headache...I felt sorry for Cole...
  • I think (or so I thought)Cole has adjusted really well. He hugs them, grabs a bottle for me, helps with laundry...but deep down, he drops tiny little hints like this one...a birthday card for daddy..hummm...there are 2 members missing here....when I asked him where Luke and Kyle were, he simply said he felt like drawing our "old" family. Sniff little monkey secretly misses being an only child....playing mommy's big helper is not as fun as he thought...I cannot wait until the weather warms up and walks, parks, picnics, biking and swimming will make life a bit more fun for him.
Until then we continue to explore and navigate our way through this wonderful/crazy lifestyle we've been given...who knows what tomorrows lesson will be!

PS: in case you're wondering, we are each holding a lightsaber in the picture...Star Wars is all I see around the house these days...


  1. I love the picture of Kyle and Luke, so cute! And that picture Cole drew kind of tugs at the old heart strings a bit. He will adjust, he's such a wonderful little boy, he will get used to sharing Mommy and Daddy. Though I don't blame him for missing the "old" family a tiny bit!

  2. That's awesome that you get out of the're braver than me! Awwww...poor Cole. I'm sure he's adjusting just fine and LOVES his bros!

    I love reading about your life with tiwns. I find it fascinating! They are so cute! I hope the sleep situation is better tonight.