Saturday, February 27, 2010 you make life easier...

Tiger Tiger...what a mess you have created for yourself but many many people are thanking a result of your idiotic texting behaviour, a new application for the Iphone came out...

Tiger Text

Have you heard?

This application eliminates the possibility of damaging evidence being left behind by erasing text messages from recipients' phones. A sender using the Tiger Text application can set how long they want the message to stay on a recipient's phone before it is deleted for good.

Users can also choose a "delete on read" setting, giving people a set time to look at the text before the message self-destructs, "Mission: Impossible" style.

So a big "Hooray" Apple. You are making it much easier on spouses/significant others everywhere, the cheaters out there.... and while you go ahead and make your money, millions of women (and men) will no longer be able to snoop through texts trying to find incriminating evidence of philandering..

So a big "yippee" Apple. You are making it much easier on the bullies out there who send nasty texts to our children destroying their self confidence and make school a living hell

So a big "high five!" Apple. You are making it much easier on the "sexters" out there who send seductive/sexually explicit texts and pictures to our youth...are we trying to increase teen pregnancy??

Is the $2.50/month worth it?

The emotional damage is done when the message is viewed, can you really put a price tag on that? Why take away the evidence? Why give control to the message sender?

And while you say this application was developed long before Tiger found himself in sex rehab...the timing could not be more perfect for you...maybe Mr. Woods will find himself a new endorsement deal...


  1. Oh brother. Honestly, I think thost i-phones and all their freaking aps are the most annoying thing ever created. I am so sick of hearing about them on the net and on TV. This just solidifies it for me.

    *shaking head*

  2. Oh seriously. I would have never thought of the bullying aspect, you have a VERY good point. I really like your opinionated posts, because they are dead on and I completely agree.

  3. That is truly bizarre. What is this world coming too?????

  4. Cheryl, this app has got to take the cake. I had not heard about it yet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Argh, seriously? I hadn't heard of this, but I think it's a disgrace! Why should we make the world EASIER for people who do mean/bad/nasty things???

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  6. Wow, absolutely oddest most ridiculous app!!!!!!