Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bridesmaid....and the dress is....

I am a first time bridesmaid! Whoo hoo! My brother is getting married in April at the Banff Springs Hotel and his fiance asked me during Christmas to be a part of the wedding.

Yes!! I replied...Very exciting! I have never been a bridesmaid...

Wait a minute...the dress...please let her choose a nice dress was my first thought!

My second thought was that I had JUST had a few babies and my bod was not all that hot. I remember trying on a dress at a local store and I busted right out of the not to try on dresses with full boobies!

Luckily she went with a nice halter style dress which is easy to alter. My dress will need to be taken in about 3 sizes..let's hope it still maintains it's flattering shape! The dress should arrive mid March.

And the winner is this one...

I need some lessons on how to make to sway like that down the aisle...maybe they'll provide a fan to give us a similar wind blown look. I'll keep you posted on whether it truly looks that nice in always seem to lie...just a little no?


  1. Seems like a very flattering dress! And the best part, you could actually wear it again! I'll cross my fingers that the weather is nice in Banff for the wedding! It's such a beautiful place.

  2. I love that dress, it's gorgeous!

    The only time I have ever been a bridesmaid was for my brother's wedding. And that was 12 years ago!