Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Down 2 pounds to 144.2, tried on my size 6 jeans and they fit..I have clothes to wear again!

This week was just trying to get back into a steady groove of eating every 2-3 hours. My issue is that I forget to eat. I don't get stomach pains or feel lightheaded. I simply forget...not a good plan when you are trying to lose must eat to lose weight!

Prepping food makes a huge difference for me so I spent yesterday afternoon doing just that:

cutting up chicken (4 to 6 oz portions)
boiling eggs...I eat about 6 egg whites a day..easily..I should have my own farm here!
making a huge bowl of salad (extra spinach thrown in for iron!)
boiling and mashing sweet potatoes and placing in 1/2 cup tupperware servings
cutting up fruit and veggies and placing in ziplocs (1 cup portions)
Portioning out almonds for snack (12 almonds...I know it's very type A of me)
Filling up 4 litres of water

Can you tell I'm a visualizer. If I see 4 litres of water in the fridge, I will drink it all....

Try prepping and portioning out your food this week and see if it makes life a bit easier for you in terms of your eating plan.

As for exercise, I managed a 2 mile run on Monday, leg training Tues and shoulders yesterday. Today is cardio, not quite sure if I'll run or dance (I have a GREAT dance DVD, high impact cardio and so much fun..great for those with dance background)

Needing some new cardio tunes? Download this:

  • Morning after dark -Timberland and Nelly Furtado

For those losing weight with me, I hope you had some movement in your clothes or on the scale this week. Enjoy the weekend....have you put your tree up yet?


  1. *bows to you*
    you are fantastic!!!! kudos

  2. OMG woman...where do you find the time with newborn twins?? You are amazing! What's the great DVD??? I'm always looking for different cardio workouts!