Monday, December 28, 2009

My computer has bit the bullet

Thanks to a certain little 5 year old and a glass of water (who put that next to my computer anyways....Tim?????) my computer has expired to the PC graveyard. At first I was upset...I just had my computer fixed (all 100 viruses gone...don't ask). I also start teaching online again in February....I loved my HP 17 inch screen, beast of a computer.

But.....I have been eyeing up hubby's nice MacBook. You know, the one I bought him 2 years ago when he came home from the first day of his MBA classes and said a Dell PC would JUST NOT DO. "everyone has a MacBook" said Tim.....

What are you 20? I never knew peer pressure still existed at 35?

So.....weigh in.. PC or MAC?

Speaking of weighing in...

138 lbs this AM after my back workout...sweet!

My size 4's are fitting again. I feel like my body is responding well to the clean eating and regular training again. The running is picking up, I managed a 4 miler last night thanks to a good show on TLC (Obese and Pregnant) which kept me distracted. The goal this week is to again fend off any temptations as we have a bunch of friends in town and alot of wine sitting in the counter!


  1. If I had the money I would buy myself a macbook in an instant!

    I watched that show too...but i wasn't running!

  2. I think you should get a Mac! Then you can tell me how it works :)

    Good luck!